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Greatness of the Month of Marghazhi

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Dec 23 1995 - 08:55:26 PST

Dear Members of the Prapatti Group:

In the spirit of the earlier posting on Dhanur masa Aarambham,
I wish  to share some more  thoughts with you on the glory
of this month of Marghazhi.

Yesterday (Marghazhi 7) was Pushya Suddha Pratami Titi.The day celebrated
as Thirumozhi ThirunaaL dawned. Thiru Atyayanotsavam began at 
Sri Rangam, Thirumaaliruncholai, Tillai Thirucchitrakootam,
Kattu Mannargudi Veera Narayana Perumal Koil (Archamoorthy of
 the birth place of Natha Muni ) Srivilliputtur and Thirukkoshtiyur . This
Utsavam is also known as Pahal Patthu . 

On the day before, ( Marghazhi 6) , Thirunedumthaandakam 
day was celebrated in Sri Rangam . That was also the birth day of 
Thondaradipodi Azhwar.Thirumangai constructed his 
Thirukkurumthandakam in the same meter as Thirumaalaiof 
Thondardaipodi Azhwar  tohonor his contemproary. This Viruttham is known as
Aruseerkazhi Nedilaasiriya Viruttham. Thirunedumthantakam was  set by 
Thirumangai in a slightly longer Viruttham known as eNN seerkazhi

On Marghazhi 17, Vaikunta Ekadasi will be celebrated at all 108 
Vaishnavite Divya Desams. That holy day ripe with meaning is aptly 
described as Thiruvaaimozhi ThirunaaL. 

On Marghazhi 21, The birth day of Vainatheya occurs. That is a Powrnami
day. Garudan is clebrated as Veda Swarupi by our Tradition. Veda is at the 
heart of our Vaidhika Matham. Thirumangai hints at this Vedic essence
of  Vedas and the relation between the Tamil Marai and Arya Vedam in
his fourth verse of Thirunedumthantakam as follows:

Senthiratta Tamizhosai VADA SOLLAAHI Disai Naangumaai-------

the  VEDAS. The Azhwar says in his Thirunedumthantakam 
section quoted above that the deep meanings about the Anantha 
Kalyana Gunas of the Parama Purusha took the form of the Sanskritc 
Vedas and the Tamil Marai.

 He even pushes forward to say that the 
Tamizhosai ( the Ghosham of Tamil Marai) became Vada Soll. A little 
poetic liberty perhaps, but to Kaliyan, it indicates the equal status of 
the Sanskrit and Tamil Marais in the eyes of the Supreme Lord.

Born as a Kallan , Thirumangai received his Pancha Samskarams from the 
Lord of Thiru Narayur and became a Sri Vaishnava to qualify for the hands of
Kumudavalli Naacchiyar. He had the rare contact of the divine limbs of 
Sriman Narayana during his attempted robbery and to cap it all , he 
received Ashtaakshara Mantropadesam from the Supreme Lord himself.
He fed 1008 Vaishnavas every day as per his  prenuptial pledge . This 
Azhvar , the Vaishnava Sreshta , If not by birth, but by every deed and 
Bhagyam continued on his fourth verse of Thirunedumthantakam to
engage in a Manasa Sambhodhanam and instructs his mind as follows:


(Extended meaning): Our Lord is present everywhere and has pervaded
all objects of his creation. His Immense and extraordinary Kalyana
Gunas are not understood fully even by the Devas. He is free of all
defects, even if he pervades His creation(Two birds on the same tree
and one eating the fruits and the other not touching them reference of 
Upanishads). He is the secret revealed by the 
Upanishads appearing at the end of the Vedas. O, My Sattvic mind!
If you take to a life of reciting and reflecting on the meaning of His 
sacred  Ashtaakshara Mantram, there is no worry for us.
We can live together in harmony and peace always.        

>From the Marghazhi 21, the  day sacred to the Veda Murthy Garuda,
we move on to Marghazhi 24, the day of Thirumangai"s Vedu Pari.
Two days later, we celebrate Thiruvaimozhi ThirunaaL Sarrumurai.
Next day, we celebrate Iyarppaa Srrumurai and Koodara vellum Siir Govinda
festival. We now are at Marghazhi 27. Makara Krishna Navami follows and
falls on the last day of Marghazhi. We celebrate Bhogi 
Pandigai on this day. Makara Krishna Dasami follows and 
this  is the  first day of Thai Month and Uttaraayana Punya Kalam, Sankaranthi 
celebration day and Thiruppavai Sarrumurai day, all combine into one . 

In summary, great is this month of Marghazhi,.The birth of the
two Azhwars (Thirumangai and Tondaradipodi) and the Charanagati
message of AndaaL remind  us of the sacredness of the month.

In a future posting, I will attempt to summarize the message that
Thirumangai left for us to ponder in the two Thaandakam works. 

Azhwaar Aacharyaar Thiruvadigaleh Charanam,

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan