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Sri Vaishnava Thondar Kuzhaam

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Thu Dec 21 1995 - 13:47:42 PST

Vedhaantham is the pinnacle of all vEdhaas.  Likewise,
service to "thoNdars" is the pinnacle of bhakthi.  Nothing
else is more pleasing to the Lord but service to His
devotees.  nammaazhvaar indicates this with the 8.10.11
paasuram of thiruvaay mozhi.  First, the 8.10.10th
paasuram as a representative for the first ten verses of

vaaykka thamiyER koozithO  Roozi yoozi maagaayaam
pookkoL mEni naan_guthOL  ponnaazikkai yennammaan,
neekka millaa adiyaardham adiyaar adiyaar adiyaareNG
kOkkaL, avarkkE kudigaLaaych chellum nalla kOtpaatE.

"O! I hope I will be a part of the group that is in eternal
servitude to the servants of the servants of servants of the
servants of my Lord of great illumination of rare flowers,
four immense shoulders, and divine arms holding the
glorious discus."

With these 10 verses, nammaazhvaar repeatedly declares
that he yearns for the servitude of "adiyaavar."  If we also
follow nammaazhvaar's lead, our Lord will look upon us
with "allik kamalak kaN" as the aazhvaar reveals in the
eleventh verse.

nalla kOtpaat tulagangaL moonRi NnuLLum thaan_niRaindha,
allik kamalak kaNNanai andhaN kurukoorch chadakOpan,
chollap patta aayiraththuL ivaiyum paththum vallaargaL,
nalla pathaththaal manaivaazvar konda pendir makkaLE.

"Follow these principles that are laid out in these 10
verses, which is a part of the 1,000 verses by kurukoor
satakOpan, in praise of the one with cool lotus eyes, and
you shall lead a prosperous and fulfilling life."

It is in this spirit and with longing to be a target of the
graceful lotus eyesight of our Lord Sriman Narayana, we
make this call to become a part of the "Sri Vaishnava
Thondar Kuzhaam" that was proposed a couple of weeks
back.  I am in the process of preparing the documents and
hope to file for registration in the state of Tennessee on
the first of the Tamil month of Thai (January 16th 1996).
I shall post the charter and bylaws separately for
comments.  Besides supporting the CD-ROM project, the
main focus of this kuzhaam is service.

-- P. Dileepan