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Sri Sri Krishna Premi ...

From: Pradeep Janakiraman (
Date: Wed Dec 20 1995 - 08:39:32 PST

Dear Sirs

I would like to add to some of the information about Sri Krishna Premi, 
more commonly called as 'Premi Anna' or 'Anna' . In addition to 
excellent discourses, he has composed a whole collection of Bhajans & 

Infact he has re-composed the entire 'Sampradaaya Bhajana Keerthanam' i.e. 
starting from 'Thodaya Mangalam' etc. to 'Dolothsavam' with sole 
focus on lord Krishna. His songs are exquisite and it would be a very valuable 
pursuit if one can get his songs sung by his followers in a cassette. 
These songs are both in Tamil and Sanskrit and the tunes are very easy to 
sing even by the untrained peson. 

Anna also brings forth a fortnightly magazine, called the 'Bhagavadha 
-Dharmam' which contains excellent articles written by him and his 
devotees' experiences. In my regard, it should be good if we could get 
some of these also over here. In my opinion it is an excellent magazine 
with regard to the spritual content. 

Most importantly, Anna has retrieved an almost lost form of worship, one 
of the 'Nava Bhaktis', the "Atma Nivedhanam". This set of slokams 
contain total surrender to god and imply surrender of all our possesions 
to him and looking upon everything that we think we have as His gifts.
The original set of verses total 1008 I think. But as far as I know Anna 
has written 108 of these (perhaps most important). 

This set of couplets comes in a very handy booklet and reciting this 
daily itself is equivalent to any other form of Bhakti. I have a few 
copies of Anna's AtmaNivedhanam and also Bhajana Sampradhayam here. If 
anybody is interested, I can type in the whole Atma Nivedhanam in a 
document or mail a copy of it. 

                          ... RADHE KRISHNA
                          ...Pradeep Janakiraman