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From: krish (
Date: Mon Dec 18 1995 - 08:00:20 PST

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan is concerned about Mahans
in our ways. It is probably true that making a living
leads one to look for trades other than study of
scriptures. It is not as bad, if one looks at the
new books coming out in English abroad. I came across
the Oxfor U's list of books on religion and many
pages of reviews are on Hinduism, Vaishanava
traditions etc. Even some Indian scholars work
abroad spreading the knowledge. A.K.Ramanujam
was one such. Some of the past like Cambell
and others have left a number of students
following their path. O course this need
not be a satisfactory answer. But our temples 
will survive by the the faith poeple have there
and the interest outside India for them both
for their antiquity and architectural beauty.
I write this because it is unfair to recommend
Sanskrit or scriptures for somebody else to
master, while I advice my kids to look for
rewarding professions, monetary as well as 
intellectually stimulating. One can also 
donate to reserchers here to keep up the
good work in the universities.
Krishna Praba.
Some of them just would like you to buy
their books, giving them more publcity
for academic survival.