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Re: Traditional dates vs scientific dates
Date: Mon Dec 18 1995 - 15:11:24 PST

On Dec 15,  5:32am, wrote:
> Here is an extract from a letter written by the then Asthana Vidvan
> of Sri Ahobila Mutt to the English/Telegu editors of Nrsimha Priya
> under the instructions of the then Jeer appointee Srivan Satakopa
> Narayana Yateendra Mahadesikar.  " ... His successors all carried
> His mantle with great distinction and divinity and have been
> as Muktas."...

I do not wish to belabor this point, but it appears that
the AsthAna vidvAn is referring to the fact that the jIyars
are shining as muktas now because they have passed on from
this earth.

There is no way in Visishtadvaita that a mukta can still
be embodied on Earth. It makes no sense in our conception of

The Mukta is not embodied in a body made up of the 3 gunas.  He comes
in a Suddha Sattva Sariram as stated by Sri Vedanta Desikar in Tattva
Padavi.  The point of Muktas descending has been elaborated by Sri V
Sadagopan in his definition of the 3 types of jivatmas.

> Per the
> English translation of Vedanta Desikars works a Mukta is one who
> serves Sriman Narayana "at all times, in all places and under all
> circumstances and who looks upon this world as Narayana's weapons
> ornaments."

I am not familiar with this definition.  May I ask in which
work he writes this?

This is defined by Sri Vedanta Desikar in Tattva Maatrka.
The ubhaya vibhuti of the Lord are the nitya vibhuti
and lila vibhuti.  The former is spoken of in the Vedas
as ``tad vishnoh paramam padam sadaa paSyanti sUrayah'',
and is experienced by the nitya suris and those who have
achieved moksha.  The lila vibhuti is includes this earth
and is experienced by people like us in samsaara.

Per Sri Ramanuja Mukta jivatmas also take part in the Leela Vibhutis.
 Vaikuntha means where there is no fear.  Since the Lord is Vibhu or
omnipotent, his Suddha Sattvam loka can also manifest itself anywhere
at His will.  In the Tattva Maatrka Sri Vedanta Desikar explains how,
at the fall of the body made up of the 3 gunas, the jivatma goes
through various Lokas and is received by attendants in Vaikuntha and
finally how the jivatma then renders services at all times IN ALL
PLACES, and under all circumstances."

The fact that Sri Vedanta Desikar uses the term "in all places" means
that the Mukta can serve the Lord even on this earth.  There is
otherwise no meaning to the restriction on the worship of other
devatas and allowing the worship of the Guru.  One blind person
cannot lead another blind person.  It is only when an individual
finds a Mukta Guru that that individual can hope to attain Moksha in
that life.