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Re: Krish"s question on the 3 typesof Chetanas

From: raghunath govindachari (
Date: Sun Dec 17 1995 - 12:46:22 PST

>    Is "mumukshu" an intermediate stage between baddha
>    and muktha?  Are acharyas such as Jeer, mumukshu?
According to the yatindramatadipika, mumukshu is merely a seeker of liberation,
not any stage of attainment.
>     How does our sampradayam differ from Dvaitham?  Is it
>     correct that in Dvaitham there are differences among the
>     mukthaas, but for us all the mukthaas are same?  Further,
>     for us, there are only two kinds of chEthanaas, perumaaL and
>     the rest of us.  If this is so, how does differences among
>     nithyaas, and differences between nithyas and mukthas
>     explained?
Even the concept of liberation is different in advaita, dvaita and visistadvaita
. Kaivalyam (self-realization) is treated different from moksham (liberation)
 in Visistadvaitam.  Further, Visistadvaitam admits only sayujyam whereas
 dvaitam admits sameepyam, saroopyam etc equally (I think). 

Given that, I think Visistadvaitam concerns itself only with the relation
 between the Lord and Jivas and the service that the liberated individual
 performs to the Lord. Therefore, any further differentiation among the 
liberated seems of little concern. 

One could perhaps view the role of nityasooris as that of catalysts in 
speeding the baddha jivas towards liberation just as the Lord Himself incarnates
for such purposes in various yugas.