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Re: Krish"s question on the 3 typesof Chetanas

From: krish (
Date: Sun Dec 17 1995 - 04:18:20 PST

That is good. Thanks, Sadagopan for the definitions.
prof.A.S-- , I recall the name. Did he tech in Vivekananda for 
a short while? I think I had him as an English Prof. 

I am reading the book "The Tamil Veda" by John Carman and Vasudha
Narayanan, a translation of Pillan's Intepretation of Tiruvaymoli.
(tiru-wai-mozzi) Uof Chicago Press. It is scholarly with an
excellent bibliography. Yhe early chapters coverUbhayaVedanta, 
Alwars, Vedanta in Sanskrit according to Yamunacharya and 
Ramanuja. I find it tough going and can see the need for an
John Carman is professor of comparative religion at Harvard.
vasudha Narayanan is associate professor in religion at U of 
I feel I should have the Tamil text to follow thru. I do hope
to do this study leisurely when I retire, here and in India.

The need for an Acarya, especially in interpretation of poetry
is vital. One does need a lot of study to get the most. An example
is Kampan's verse introducing Vishwamitra to Dasaratha. ( this
is from Indira Parthsarathy's new Novel Ver-Patru. He is an
outstanding Tamil Novelist educated in Tamil and English. His
real name is S.Parthasarathy and hes has taught at Delhi and abroad.
His works have been translated in English and Polish).

Kamban:  on Vishwamitra "enn-ilaa-arumthavathon"
  meaning Un-enumerable or uncomparbly great (rare) tapaswi"
or enn-ill aa(cow or Kamdhenu) varumthavathon one who did
suffer tapas over kama denu
or en-nila ( many fortnights? ) --
The problem is that I did miss out learning good Tamil since
my dad wanted me to study Sanskrit, which was not in depth
even though I had it upto Inter. ( Many students still take
Sanskrit to score well in the easier tests compared to other
Indian Languages like tamil or Kannada)
Thanks again.