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Copy of: Re: Vaishnavite Tattvam of Kaalam or Time.

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Dec 16 1995 - 15:19:08 PST

Dear Members of the Group: Sri Mohana Ramanujam 
had  a question on Hita and Purushartha .
I sent this response to him. I thought  the information of
this posting  might be interested to some others.
Those, who are familiar with these concepts 
can ignore this posting..

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From:	V. Sadagopan, 75041,3037
TO:	Mohana Ramanujam,
DATE:	12/13/95 11:34 PM

RE:	Copy of: Re: Vaishnavite Tattvam of Kaalam or Time.

Dear Mohana Ramanujam:

Hita has  been defined as the MEANS  to acheive the supreme
goal of life.

The main issue according to Upanishads  is whether
Jnana, the spiritual knowledge of Brahman or the Upasana ,
the meditation on Brahman is the direct MEANS  of attaining
 the supreme goal.
Advaita Vedantha gives emphasis to Jnana & Visishtadvaita and
Dwaita give emphasis to Upasana (Bhakti Yoga assisted by 
Karma and Jnana Yoga.

Purushartha is the GOAL of human endeavour.

Regarding the nature of the goal(Purushartha), the doctrines 
advanced by  the 3 schools of Vedantha differ.One thing is common 
to all the  three(i.e), release from the cycles of births and deaths and
attaining Moksha.According to Visishtadvaita, Purushartha is the 
complete and Comprehensive experience of Brahman by the
individual soul in a transcendent relam(Sri Vaikuntam).

The three principles of Tattva, Hita and Purushartha have been
extended to  asubset of  FIVE known as Artha Panchakam by Pancharatra 
Agama.      these are (1) Prapya or the nature of Brahman to be attained
(2) Praptaa or the nature of individual soul ,who aspires to realize it.
(3) Praaptyupaaya: The method of acheiving the goal
(4) The nature of the goal (Phala) 
(5) Praapti-Virodha: The obstacles in the way of realization of the goal.

These  5 topics togethe rare considered the essence of the 
teachings of the Vedas, Ithihaasaas and Puranaas.