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few addendums to the kaala info

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM (
Date: Sat Dec 16 1995 - 13:37:05 PST

Thanks to Sri Sadagopan on a very informative account of the
kala. The following is some additional information on division
of time and year in each yuga. 

For those who may be familiar with this, pelase bear with me.

15 Nimeshas  = 1 kaashthaa  (nimesha refers to the twinkling 
				of the eye)
30 kaashthaa = 1 kaala
30 kaalas    = 1 kshana
12 kshanas   = 1 muhoortta
30 muhoorttas = 1 day and 1 night of the mortals.

The various yugas are devided into the following number of years.
Each yuga is preceeded (sandhyaa) and followed (sandhyaansa) by
the same number of devine years.

Krita:    400 + 4000 + 400  = 4800 devine years
Tretaa:   300 + 3000 + 300  = 3600 devine years
Dwaapara: 200 + 2000 + 200  = 2400 devine years
Kali:     100 + 1000 + 100  = 1200 devine years.

Question: I am not very clear as to why there is distinction
in the period before and after each yuga. Why not just call
the entire period itself as a yuga. What happens or supposed
to happen during the the sandhyaa and sandhyaansa periods, 
that requires to be accounted seperately. 

Also this time line does not appear to be golden. i.e. not
every one follows this. It is said that all the Puranaas
basically agree on the division of kaala (with minor differences
in the part that defines the day and night of mortals).
However, it is also said that the  astronomers use a complete 
different scheme in computing the dhasaas. Is this correct or
am I missing some thing?


-Venkatesh Elayavalli