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Re: Christian Time line -kali Yuga agreement

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Fri Dec 15 1995 - 15:57:47 PST

On Dec 15, 12:11am, wrote:
> I think there was SOME beginning of importance  at  about 4004 B.C.
> According to the Bible, there was a
> flood  roughly after 1000 years of the creation
> (4004 BC) . That means the Biblical flood is around
> 3000 BC, after which, the
>  life on earth started again out of Noah's effort.

I should point out that this timeline does not
exist in the Bible either. It was the invention
of one Bishop Ussher a few hundred years ago. He
did some interesting mathematics to arrive at
the 4004 B.C. figure.

There certainly may have been a great event that
many cultures new about. However, myths tend to
propagate quite easily between cultures, and ancient
India had very strong ties to the Middle East through
trade.  I would not be surprised if the story was
brought back from the Fertile Crescent at some point
by some sailors.

Note that the flood myth is entirely absent in the
the oldest available strata of Indian religious
literature, the Rg Veda, Brahmanas, and Upanishads.