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Re: Traditional dates vs scienti
Date: Fri Dec 15 1995 - 22:29:20 PST

On Dec 15, 10:06am, wrote:
> At least
> for the followers of Sri Ahobila Mutt, the Jeer is a Mukta Purusha
In reply Mani Varadarajan writes:
With no disrespect intended, I would humbly like to point
out that calling any person on Earth other than God a
``mukta purusha'' is in complete violation of Visishtadvaita
philosophy.  No doubt the sannyasis of Ahobila Matham are
great acharyas and scholars and deserve to honored as such;
however, jIvanmukti is explicitly denied by Sri Vaishnava
acharyas beginning with Ramanuja.  The Jiyar may be considered
an exalted being and worshipped as one would worship God Himself;
however, there is no doubt that the Jiyar is not a mukta.

Once again, with no disrespect intended, I am nearly certain
that the Jiyar himself would say that he is not a mukta.

Here is an extract from a letter written by the then Asthana Vidvan
of Sri Ahobila Mutt to the English/Telegu editors of Nrsimha Priya
under the instructions of the then Jeer appointee Srivan Satakopa Sri
Narayana Yateendra Mahadesikar.  " Sri Adivan Satakopa Yateendra Maha
Desikan was the Founder of this great Sampradaya, who was blessed
with the robes of Sanyasi and Presha Mantra by Malola Himself in the
form of a Yogi and who initiated this never declining line of
Acharyas.  His successors all carried His mantle with great
distinction and divinity and have been shining as Muktas."...

The Jeer may be the first to agree that He is not a Mukta but then
Nammazhwar to Vedanta Desikar have all said the same thing.  I am not
sure if Mani and I are talking about the same thing here.  Per the
English translation of Vedanta Desikars works a Mukta is one who
serves Sriman Narayana "at all times, in all places and under all
circumstances and who looks upon this world as Narayana's weapons and
ornaments."  Ramanujacharya in His Vedartha Sangraha states that two
types of atmas take part in Narayana's Leela Vibhuti (of which this
earth is a part) - The Baddha jivatmas and the Mukta Jivatmas.