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Re: Traditional dates vs scienti

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Fri Dec 15 1995 - 13:54:16 PST

On Dec 15, 10:06am, wrote:
> At least
> for the followers of Sri Ahobila Mutt, the Jeer is a Mukta Purusha

With no disrespect intended, I would humbly like to point
out that calling any person on Earth other than God a
``mukta purusha'' is in complete violation of Visishtadvaita
philosophy.  No doubt the sannyasis of Ahobila Matham are
great acharyas and scholars and deserve to honored as such;
however, jIvanmukti is explicitly denied by Sri Vaishnava
acharyas beginning with Ramanuja.  The Jiyar may be considered
an exalted being and worshipped as one would worship God Himself;
however, there is no doubt that the Jiyar is not a mukta.

Once again, with no disrespect intended, I am nearly certain
that the Jiyar himself would say that he is not a mukta.