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Christian Time line -kali Yuga agreement
Date: Thu Dec 14 1995 - 21:11:56 PST

Mani said:
>>Would you similarly literally accept the
>>stories of Adam and Eve, the dating of the origin of the
>>world to 4004 B.C., etc., as in the Christian timeline?
>>I think not.

I think there was SOME beginning of importance  at  about 4004 B.C. 
According to the Bible, there was a 
flood  roughly after 1000 years of the creation
(4004 BC) . That means the Biblical flood is around 
3000 BC, after which, the
 life on earth started again out of Noah's effort.

This time is comparable to  beginning of Kali Yuga ( 3102 BC). Perhaps it is 
more than a coincidence that this time matches with the
 the Biblical time  for post Noah world. In other
words, Bible belongs pretty much to the Kaliyuga, and 
when some Christians say that the age of Earth is around
6000 years, they are probably referring to age of the present 
Kali Yuga.  In other words, what we  call the  Kali yuga, they believe as the
beginning of creation it self! 

The flood episode is to be seen in the anceint books of
many a people of our world (Babylonian, assyrian etc
as referred to by Will and Ariel durant in their "Our
oriental Heritage" part of the story of Civilization), and 
our own belief that after every Yuga there will be a (minor) flood.
Thus the Biblical and other cultures flood may coincide with 
the flood after the Dwapara Yuga (which engulfed besides 
other things, Dwaraka). End of Dwapara Yuga was 34 years after the
Mahabharatha war. We also know that Parikshit maharaja (the successor of
Yudhistira) witnessed the arrival of Kali. It would also appear that the
in the Bharatha Varsha was not as severe as in the
Biblical lands and we lost only few coastal places and 
retained all our previous culture.  In other words, people
were around to tell of th eprevious Yugas. Thus we don't believe that time a
the beginning of world!

I am pointing this out so as to reconcile between the 
numerous flood stories of th eworld and
coincidence with the  beginning of Kali Yuga and the 
Christian belief about the age of Earth.
-K. sreekrishna