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RE: Dates
Date: Thu Dec 14 1995 - 21:40:09 PST

Krish writes that dating is a rational effort and that one need not
be overly concerned.

However such "rational" efforts have led so called historians to
conclude that Nammazhwar lived in the 10th century and that He
basically preached Judao christian thought.  If dating is going to be
objective then that is fine.  But I do not believe that present day
scientists have devoted enough time and monetary resources for this
project and those that have concluded about the relatively recent
dates about the time the Azhwars lived have either resorted to
conjecture or have based their findings upon inconclusive evidence.

If Nammazhwar lived in the 10th century then there is no question of
losing the Divya Prabandham and it being reinstated to Nathamuni.
Recently when the Nations of Islam held a "million man march" in
Washington DC the crowd estimates ranged from 400,000 to 1.2 million
based on the same helicopter photograph.  This estimate depended upon
whether you were talking to a Republican controlled National Park
SErvice or the NAACP interpretation of the same photograph.

I am questioning the objectivity of the people engaged in such
research.  Besides if one were to read the scriptures Narada was an
expert in not only devotional aspects of life but also mathematics,
astronomy and 20 other branches of science.

The presumption that man is more advanced today than he was so many
thousand years ago is NOT beyond reasonable doubt.  After so much of
debates about the authenticity of the Mahabharata, in 1987 the
ancient city of Dwarka was discovered off the Arabian Sea along with
Mudras exactly as described in the Mahabharatas.  Here is at least
some evidence that our ancient scientists, philosophers etc knew what
they were talking about.

Scientific claims contradicting scripture cannot be accepted
as fact without subjecting it to the same microscopic dissection as
the scientists subject to, everything that does not support their