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Introduction of new member
Date: Wed Dec 13 1995 - 06:50:57 PST

                        Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
     Dear friends,
     Adiyen RameshSrinivasraghavan thendan samarpittu seyyum vinnappam.
     Through this letter I would like to introduce myself to all of you.
     I am a software engineer, who came to USA about five months back. 
     I specialize in Object Technology (Smalltalk and Gemstone platforms)
     and am currently working at Florida Power and Light (Juno Beach).
     I was born in Madras, but raised in Mysore where I completed my B.E.
     Later I went to IIT-Bombay for my MTech, and then to IIT-Madras to 
     work in the Knowledge Based Systems Project. During my stay at Madras,
     I was fortunate to have the opportunity of coming closer to our
     sampradaya and mata, thanks to my scholarly cousins. I was attending
     atleast 4-6 kalaksepams every week on various grantha's - Sribhasyam,
     Bhagavadvisayam, Gitabhasyam and so on. I also continued to learn
     Sanskrit from my cousins. I started subscribing to "SUDARSANAR" 
     journal brought out by the Puttur Swami. After working at IIT-M for
     3 years, I retturned to my home at Mysore. By then, I had also 
     developed contact with the Academy of Sankrit Research, Melukote
     (Thirunarayanapuram of Chellapillai's VairamudiUtsavam fame).
     Now I work for RothWell International (in Bangalore and Houston), and 
     I am here on an assignment. I was (and am) also a honarary 
     consultant for the Academy of Sanskrit Research, where I was working
     on computer generation of Sabdabodha of Sanskrit sentences and other 
     projects. In fact, I came to know of this group through the Director 
     of ASR (Sri. U.Ve. Lakshmitatachar)
     I intend to participate in this group as actively as possible and
     engage in the kalaksepams. I would like to know if there are any
     standards that members of this group follow for transliteration of
     Sanskrrit and Tamil into English.
     Thank you for the patience.
     Adiyen Madurakavidasan,
     PS: May I request Tiruppavai discourses in this group ? I think
     the Margazhi Maasam is starting on 16th or so. Also, can someone
     tell me where to look for a Tulasi plant ? Tahnks.
     Ramesh Srinivasaraghavan           Res : 407-622-8521
     4020, Tanglewood N,Apt 607         Work: 407-694-4166
     Palm Beach Gardens                 Email:
     FL - 33410