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From: M Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Dec 12 1995 - 06:32:37 PST

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>On Dec 11, 11:08am, Mohana Ramanujam wrote:
>> There are even  recent examples to site inconsistent practises, athwart
>>to the goals of  the likes of Sri nathamuni. Nan Jeer who has a sannidhi
>> at the some or  many kshethra's was a madhvacarya won over and honored by
>> Parasharabattar.

>Not to nitpick or anything, but Nanjiyar was an Advaita sannyasi
>before Parasara Bhattar defeated him in debate and brought him
>into the Sri Vaishnava fold.  Madhvacharya was probably still
>learning his Vedas when this happened, given that the time
>period concerned is the mid to late 12th century.


Perhaps this confusion arose due to the fact that Nanjeeyar's name before his
conversion by Sri Bhattar was Maadhava.