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From: krish (
Date: Tue Dec 12 1995 - 09:35:05 PST

S wrote
<There is an episode in Emperumaanaar's life that confirms the notion that
Prapannaas do not need to worry about the need to think of the Lord at the
moment of dying, which some believe is essentila for reaching His feet. The
Lord of Kaanchi, Sri Varadaraja (pEraruLaaLap perumaaL), was in the habit of
directly speaking to Sri Tirukkacchi Nambi in contradiction of normal
conventions ("archaavataara mariyaadhaiyai meeRi"). Once, upon Emperumaanaar's
request, Nambi addressed six questions to the Lord. One of them concerned
'andhima smrithi' or last thoughts. The Lord told Nambi directly that there is
no need for andhima smrithi.
What is the time limit? Being a bhakta for a short while is
This is the beaty of Hinduism, full of such contradicting
statements. I think my lessons in Aryamadhopakyna
classes taught that all are defined with respect to
time and place, unlike Chrisianity which depends on
the only truth etc.