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A request

From: krish (
Date: Mon Dec 11 1995 - 11:04:07 PST

I hope you will be able to assist me in a
personal problem. I have a sister, now 71+
who lives in Bangalore. I direct my charities
in India thru her and I also take care of 
her expenses. She is a great baktha, lives an
acharara life, alone and feels that she
should live in SriRangam where she live
in South Chittirai Street for more than
a decade till her husband, Mr. P.
Ramaswamy died in mid 80's. My siblings
felt she could be close to them in Bangalore.
Is there any possible way she can live 
alone or in a mutt in SriRangam?
She can spend about Rs.2000 or more
as needed each month. She spends less now
paying about Rs.600 for rent. Her orthodoxi
(well water etc.) has prevented her from
living with others or get suitable help.
Being childless she feel lonely. A good
matam that suits her Srivaishnava Tengalai
orthodoxy will be the best.
If you can offer a suitable solution, I
will make sure she attends the aradhana seva
and contributes $20 each month for the feeding.
Krish Praba ( 609-667-6886 ).
She lived opposite the Indian Bank Branch.
in South Chittirai Street. Her husband
Mr./Dr. P.Ramaswamy practiced homeopathy. 
Her nameis Rukmini. May be a Srirangam Bhkata may
know of her. Prior to moving to SriRangam
in earl 70's, they lived in Rajaji TB
sanatorium quarters. He was an XRay tech.
She is healthy, but a hypochondriac. She
will be OK if she had a responsibilty.