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Dasaavatara Sannidhi Progress
Date: Mon Dec 11 1995 - 18:31:48 PST

I have so far received 10 pledges totalling $315.  This includes that
of Mr Sampath who will be contributing directly in India.  On receipt
of the remaining checks expenses of the Sannidhi for 6 months will be
covered.  My sincere gratitude to all those who have pledged.  For
those who may have missed the earlier posting, this is an opportunity
to contribute towards Thiruvaradhanai and Perumal Neivedyam and
feeding of Bhagavatas at the DasAvatAra Sannidhi in Srirangam where
the deities appeared to Thirumangai Azhwar and in whose praise Swami
Desikar sung His DasAvatAra Stotram.  If another 15 members of this
group contribute #20 per head we would have covered the requirements
of the Sannidhi for 1996.