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Re: Identity of Kshtrabandhu

From: Badrinarayanan Seshadri (
Date: Sat Dec 09 1995 - 08:24:03 PST

Jaganath asked:

* Is the Kstrabandhu referred to by Swami Desikar in the RTS the person
* who went on to become Valmiki?

Kshatrabandhu does not seem to be the person who later became Valmiki.
As I mentioned earlier in my mail, his name appears in thirumaalai.
periya vaachchaan piLLai provides a quote from a certain smriti called
Vishnudharmam :

sandhyakthE bandhulOkEna thasmin dhurvruththachEthasi   |
chindhaam chakaara sa muni: kshathrabandhow dhayaapara: ||
                                         -- vishnudharmam 97-38

In his explanation, piLLai says:

Just as a lowly brahmana is called brahmabandhu, a lowly kshatriya was
named kshatrabandhu. This mean person was roaming around the forests,
performing acts not befitting a kshatriya. Then he came across a rishi
who was kind enough to teach him the names of gOvindhaa and with the
help of the naama sankeerththanam, kshatrabandhu achieved moksha.


There is no mention of any relation to Valmiki anywhere.


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