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From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 12:37:47 PST

On Dec 8,  2:40am, wrote:
> Subject: DasAvatAra Sannidhi maintenance

Please note that Swami Desikan's dasaavathaara sthothram was sung in this (in
praise of the moorthis) sannithi. When I went to get the blessings of 44 th
jeer after my marriage, he wanted me to first go to this sannithi and come back
to him afterwards. When I think of this Mahaan (44 jeer) my heart reaches out
to this cause and will do my best to support your request. Though during the
jeers visits  they had camped at our  house (when I was very young) with the
arradhanai deity and other parivaarams, it was during this visit that I and my
wife and in-laws had the unique opportunity to have the darshan (very close
look) of the maLola narasimha idol that was presented to the first jeer by Lord
Narasimha himself. I had instantly donated some money (large) that time for the

I will be requesting my people in India to visit Dasaavathaaram sannithi at
srirangam and pay directly some money approximately (Rs.1500) in the month of
thai (towards approximately  one month expenses). Since our family are doing
the fifth iraappathu festival for Sri Rangan during vaikunda ekaadesi festival,
I will ask them to do this a little later. We are (My grand father, and  uncle)
doing the iraappaththu for decades and are blessed with such an opportunity to
do so. I have had the unique experience of staying close and inside the temple
for the whole day many times since my child hood on this iraapaththu festival
and will write about it in my  report on "ekaanda sErvai and aravaNai" of
Arangan  for 108 DD project.   My grand parents and parents are also doing
ahobila mutt mandagap padi for the last 65 years and I know what it would mean
to do such services. so I defenitely support your call for helping the
dasaavathaaram sannithi offerings. As I have mentioned I will do it for Thai
Sampath Rengarajan