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From: krish (
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 10:14:15 PST

I find that some of my comments have offended many of
you. It was unintentinal.
My interest in the group has been to meet people
and know about Ramanuja. I have enjoyed Sanskrit verses 
and most of the pasurams, because I was brought up in
an "alwar-padiya" sthalam. 
Sanskrit is an unusually romantic and soothing language,
 whereas English, an acquired one always pulls me
 to be rational. Here is a small verse from Ramayana
 that shows its beauty
 "Mandodhareem maya-sutham pareeNeeya dashananah
  Thasya-mut-padhayamasa Meghanaadahvyam sutham"
The word ut-padamasa connotates a variety of arousing
thoughts. It summarizes honeymoon and its results.
Similarly, one need not be concerned about critism of the
Lord Himself. Here are some interesting verses from
Leelachuka's Sri krishna-karna-mrtham
 "Angulaya kah kavatam praharathi
  Kutile! Madhavaha; kim vasantho?
  No chakree; kim kulalo? Nahi Dharani Dharaha;
  Kim dwi-jig-vaha? PaNindraha
  Naham ghoraahi-mar-dhih; kim kapindraha?
  Ith-yevam gopikaanyaa-prathivacha-
  Na-jithah pathu va chakrapanih"
My romanizing sanskrit may not be good. 
This is a conversation between Krishna and the gopis.
It is easy to follow, since she mistakes his
name, knocking on her door.
One easily knows the etymology for no, un etc.

There are short booklets of such verses and prayers
that used to be published by Vaviloo Ramaswamysastrilu
& sons in Madras.
My appologies fro ruffling a few feathers, but I 
believe the greatness of Vishnu is he can handle
praise and ridicule alike. I tnink all of you
know the story of his Vatsalya, Narad testing
his serenity by kciking him on the Vakshashtala.