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Announcement: Proposed service organization

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 15:51:43 PST

Posted after preliminary discussion with a 
few members of the list:

Request for Discussion for forming a Sri Vaishnava
Service Organization:

As we gather material for the CD-ROM project it is
inevitable that sooner or later we have to seek permission
for using third party material such as photos, audio tapes,
and text.  Further, the cost of production is likely to be
large enough that it must be properly managed and
recovered from sales of the CD-ROM.  Any excess
revenue generated must be properly and wisely
channelled to support Sri Vaishnavam.  All of these
require a formal entity.  With this as the primary
motivation we wish to propose a new organization.

There are several issues that we must discuss and arrive at
some consensus.  These are listed below.  Please take a
moment to read and do respond with your suggestions
and comments.

[1] Rationale for forming the entity
The primary purpose is already mentioned above.  In
addition, this entity may be used for (1) launching other
projects in the future, (2)  developing a database of
interested Sri Vaishnavas, (3) organizing drives to
support worthwhile projects in India, (4) organize
spiritual gatherings, etc., etc.

[2] Name for the organization
During out initial consultation we felt a Tamil name,
or at least a partly Tamil name, would be nice in
stead of a 100% Sanskrit name.  This way the group is
more likely to be viewed as a Sri Vaishnava organization
free of any caste affiliation.  An English name may also
be used parenthetically if that is beneficial, There
is no such legal requirement.

One possible Tamil name is: Sri Vaishnava Thondar Kuzhaam
[kuzhaam is used in Azhvaar literature meaning
"group/society/sabha of devotees". It is not in
colloquial use in Tamil Nadu today.]
The English equivalent could be something like,
"Sri Vaishnava Thondar Society."  The parenthesis
could go with either the Tamil or the English name.

[3] Organizing committee
During the initial period of getting the entity off and
running we need some people to represent it formally.
Please volunteer.

The initial organizing committee will be charged
with getting the entity going and achieving a
critical mass of members.  After that, a nominating
committee will be formed and elections will be held for
the entire Executive Committee, as indicated in the

[4] Place of incorporation:
We propose that it be incorporated in the State of
Tennessee mainly because Dileepan, who will file all the
papers, is a resident of Tennessee.

[5] Charter and Bylaws:
Proposed Charter and Bylaws will be mailed shortly.
Please read them carefully and e-mail your comments.
After a couple weeks of discussion we can vote on this