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Role of Lakshmi and Nitya Suris
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 09:28:02 PST

Namaskaarams to all Bhaktas,

The recent topic being discussed on the Bhakti-Prapatti group has
been of great interest to me. I also wonder why Thayar Mahalakshmi and 
the Nitya Suris (Garuda, Anjaneya and Visvaksena) need Upadesham. Since 
they are residents of Vishnu Loka aren't they therefore exempt from 
Vishnu Maaya? Is Upadesham from the Lord intended to constantly remind them
of their exalted status and therefore, help them to avoid pitfalls which 
are common to ordinary mortals? I would greatly appreciate the input of 
all the Bhaktas on the group, particularly scholars like Sri Sadagopan,
Sri Sreekrishna and Sri Dileepan. 


Muralidhar Rangaswamy 

P.S. If I have failed to mention other scholars in my post, it is only 
my ignorance. No offence/disrespect intended.