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Copy of: Kumadavalli Naachiyaar &Thirumangai Alvar

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Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 04:29:18 PST

Dear Members of the Group: It seems that the full  text
did not get thru. Hence I am retransmitting it.
 Thirumangai AZhvar Thiruvadigaleh Charanam, Sadagopan
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RE:	Copy of: Kumadavalli Naachiyaar &Thirumangai Alvar

Legend has it that An  Apsaras girl  came to bathe with her friends in a Lotus
near the Divya Desam of Thiru Aaali Naadu. She tarried to collect the Kumuda
and was left behind by  her companions.She stayed behind with a human form at
bank of the pond slightly dazed.. At that time, a physican from the Divya Desam
of Thirunangoor arrived at the very same pond to perform his morning rituals and
learnt about  the happenings that led 
to her isolation. The physician was chidless and he adopted the  young Apsaras
girl  by the name
of Thirumaamagal and renamed her Kumudavalli inview of the role that Kumuda
blossoms played
in the matter of his  being blessed with a beautiful daughter. She grew up and
reached the stage 
of marriage. Thirumangai Mannan was  a petty chieftain in the chola kingdom and
had his
head quarters near Thirunangoor. He heard about the  most beautiful Kumudavalli
approached the physician and requested his daughter"s hand in marriage. 

 The young Kumudavalli advised her father that she will not marry anyone, who
did not have the 
Pancha Samskarams or Vishnu chinnas.. Thirumangai hastened to Thirunarayoor  and
had the  privelege of Samasrayanam from the Lord of the temple himself  and wore
the Twelve Pundarams
 and returned  to Kumudavalli as a Sri Vaishnava.