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A new member..

From: Lakshmi (
Date: Tue Dec 05 1995 - 13:04:34 PST

Namaskaaram everybody,
"entharo mahaanu baavulu, anthariki vandhanamu..."
	I am a humble new addition to your discussion group, (Thankyou 
Mani for adding me on to the list; incidentally I am Lakshmi Gopal and 
not L.Gopal). 
	I am a first year Ph.D student at Syracuse University (N.Y), working in 
Chemistry.   My interests (besides chemistry) are varied: I listen to any 
kind of music starting from Bhavayami Raghuramam to Papa dont preach;  am 
obsessed with books (Richard Bach to Lakshmi, Vaasanthi or Sujatha);  and 
am interested in all forms of religious principles, especially 
Vaishnavism and the concept of Vishistadvaitam,  although Advaitham 
fascinates me equally.  I dont claim to know a lot in these however, and 
thats why when Mukunthan (Cleveland) introduced me to the concept of a 
discussion group in Vaishnavaitism, I jumped at it.  
	I propose to learn as much as possible about Vaishnavaitism,  and 
strongly believe that being a silent observer would lead me I 
might join the discussions,  or ask question, which many of you may find 
extremely naive or stupid.  Please bear with my ignorance, and help me find
the knowledge I seek.
"Shuklaambaradharam Vishnum Sashivarnam Charurbhujam....."

Lakshmi Gopal.