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Since Vishvaksena was a nitya suri, why the need for Nara-narayana

From: Mohana Ramanujam (
Date: Tue Dec 05 1995 - 12:38:35 PST

What was the a need for the creation of nara-narayana and upadesha to him by
lord narayana after failing to find the perfect disciple in chathur-
mukha brahma, etc. when there were other nitya-suris. 

Mani writes:
>I surmise that these stories about Lord Narayana
>teaching Lakshmi, etc., are told just to arouse 
>devotion in the aspirant, and are not to be taken 
>as literal facts.  The same can be said for the
>details contained in the sthala puraanas of the 
>divya desams.

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