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RE: Acharyas

From: Sriran Ramanujam +1 614 860 6672 (
Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 06:32:00 PST

	I do agree with Mani's points however if might observe
	most of the present day so called SwayamAchArya purushas
	are most often, some direct descendent of the 74 primary
	shishyas of Ramanuja.
	It probably was felt that they did'nt need another acharya
	after Ramanuja. But given the present day circumstances
	it sure does not make sense to follow the same with some
	family member performing samashraNyam etc.. As Vaishnavas
	to maintain the sanctity of that initiation getting it done by
	a sanyasi or a very learned scholar does seem right.
	Yes most of the mutts and ashramam affiliations probably evolved
	after even Desika and ManavALamAmuni's times. As for swayamacharya
	purushas (SAP's) I think they exist is both Tengalai and Vadagalai sects.
	But being associated with some mutt would kinda assure yourself
	and your progeny that if at all you wanted initiation or guidance
	you always had an 'Institution' to look upto rather than a entity.
	These mutts have always known to have some best men as Pontifs.
	That way you don't have to complain about some uncle having initiated