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Re: lokasaranga muni

From: Mohana Ramanujam (
Date: Sun Dec 03 1995 - 12:56:16 PST

I have heard the same point of view as krishna. It is interesting that there are
many a purana where it seems that a quick repentance or change of face albeit the
crime or severity of attitude as been accepted as atonement. Could it be justifiable
to think that it is not  for us to judge the past in the wake of person turning
a new leaf, and therefore accord him the best of titles (it is easy for a good
person to remain  good but it is even greater for a bad person to turn good). 
Any karmas resulting from bad deeds he may nonetheless face in his own way i.e. similar
to Yudishtra's brief walk through hell before heading to heaven. 

Mohan (Krishna Kalale) wrote:
> Note:
> muni title to him is sort of justifiable due to :
> 1.  He atleast was a devout archaka, since he could see blood flowing from
> Ranganatha's vigraha when he went back to do kainkaryam to God.  Anyone else
> who is not elevated probably could have got no clues from God regarding the
> mistake done.  that means that God did communicate to him through the gory
> blood flowing incidence.
> 2.  He did apologize and took tiruppanalwar on a procession carrying him all
> the way even though our thiruppanalwar refused such a treatment.  a brash
> person probably would not have done such a public apology when everyone was
> looking at him carrying alwar to Sri Ranganatha Temple.
> krishna

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