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3 minor corrections to the Last posting!

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 03 1995 - 12:12:57 PST

Please note two follwing items that need correction in the text:
1. Bhagavad Dhyana Sobhanam : Third Slokam. section--------please add the
underlined words
to the text to correct  the omission/ commission at the bottom of the Paragraph:
the worship of the beautiful Jangha of the Lord of Sri Rangam leads to the
CESSATION  OF THE  mindless (please
erase  OF here) wandering of his own Jangha due to samsaric worrries.

2.Slokam 10: Please change fmnine to FEMININE

3. Section at the end , Last Para on Errata in the First part: second line:
please change he to THE.

Thanks., V.Sadagopan