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with regards to swayam acaryas and jeers

From: Mohana Ramanujam (
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 10:01:57 PST

Swayam acaryas are no more or less credible than the jeers of mathas. Both are
individuals who by right  of birth (former) or by ascension (latter) have taken
on their respective roles. Neither, is necessarily qualified by some by
some absolute measure of knowledge, wisdom, or character. This is unfortunate
but if that were a requirement, few would remain  qualified and fewer would
remain to enforce it. 

The element of reverence has to be to the ideals of the faith, which  can be
inculcated through self learning (to some extent) this day and age; there are 
observed protocols which do pass down for the most  part through family 
traditions (more than likely in mathas) and if  they don't, well then there are
sources such as the mathas as duly indicated by Jay and Mani. 

Jeers in SriVaishnavism are not necessarily sanyasis. In fact the  Grihastha
is a venerated and necessary station in life.