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Subject: Re: Acharyas

In answer to Krish's question, a swayamAcharya is regarded by his
disciples in the same way that a Jeer of a Matha is regarded by His
disciples.  In most SwayamAchArya families the AchArya is a Grihastha
and will pay his respects to a Jeer since the all the Jeers have
traditionally been SannyAsis.  Besides in the Vadagalai SampradAyam
at least even the SwayamAchAry family members and the AchArya himself
generally get their Prapatti done at the Matha.  The Jeer therefore
becomes the AchArya even for SwayamAchArya families.  The general
rule followed is that one learns from a superior, exchanges
experiences and indulges in discussions with an equal and teaches one
who knows less.  Whether one is a swayamAchArya or belongs to a Mutt
does not make a difference.  It is a question who one respects and is
willing to learn from.