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acharyas etc.

From: krish (
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 07:07:27 PST

To some extent I am sceptic about many of our
Vaishanvite sampradayams. Of course, what I
have been taught or used to is becasuse of
my upbringing in Triplicane around the 
parthasarathy Koil.
One of them is selcetion of an Acarya. 
Our family P.B. called themselves swamacharyas.
There are quite a number of clans or groups
of swamacharyas. What it meant was that
samaschryanam was performed by the eldest
member of the joint family. My uncle who
spent his retired life as a member of the
Vedhaghosti, did it for the qualifying
mebers. Of course hewas not an expert in
any of the philosophies. So we were not
brought up with any special regards or respects 
to Jeers. My question is how do the
swatamacahryas fit in, among those that
regard the wise Jeers and mata-dhipathis.