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Re: information -requested
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 20:28:27 PST

Dear Murli Balu,
In addition to the books recommended by Mr. Sadagopan
I would also add  a study of the biography of Sri Ramanuja
for your relative. Ramanuja's life is as much a message
 as his books. I feel the personality and charisma of
Sri  Ramanuja add credence to his  Philosophy in as
 much as his scholarship.  I have found the following
 books in English to be useful:
1. Life of Sri Ramanuja by Swami Ramakrishnananda
(can be puechased for under $4 from one of the 
numerous Vedanta Book Houses.
2. The life of Ramanujacharya by Naimisaranya Das
(published byISKCON)
-K. Sreekrishna