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some doubts

From: go moothram (
Date: Fri Dec 28 2001 - 07:44:47 PST

dear all
hope every body had a happy sacread month of margazhi
i have some doubts
why is lord of kumbha konam called KUDANTHAI
why is the lord at thirupper is called APPAKUDANTHAN
why is perumal is refered to as KUDAMADU KOOTHTHAN in
tha paasurams.
where can we find the paasurams in which Thirumazhisai
alwar asks the lord of tiruvakka to follohim
" kanikkannan pokkozhinthan.....etc" is it in
tiruchenthavirutham or in nanmukan tiruvanthathi
please any body clarifie my doubts
namaskarams and happy new year to all


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