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SthOthra recitation & Procession for World peace at Srirangam

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 05:05:57 PST

SrImathe Ramanujaya namah:
SrImathe Nigamantha mahadesikaya namah:
SrImathe Gopaladesika mahadesikaya namah

SrImAn venkatanAthAryaH kavitArkika kesarI |
vedAntAcArya-varyome sannidhattAm sadA hRdi ||

Dearest Srivaishnavas,

Sri VaikuNTa dwAdasi. On this most auspicious day, I would like to list down 
the kaimkaryams being performed by Sri Desika Padhuka Educational Trust 
Chennai as per the command of His Holiness Srimad PaRavaaKKOttai Andavan of 
Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan Ashramam. The projects are executed with 
indefatigable efforts of Sri C Seshadri Swamin.

For world peace (especially after Sep 11), it was organized at various 
places to recite Swamy Desikanís abheethi sthavam by children. About five 
hundred children participated in Swamy Desikan sthOthram recitation 
programme and His Holiness blessed the children with His benevolent glances. 
The recitation was carried out like a procession in the streets of 
Srirangam. (Please see URL for pictures   Sri Vijaykumar has uploaded the 
photos to

1.	At Thirvaheendra puram, on 17-10-2001, 100 school students (who are being 
taught Swamy Desikan sthOthrams) recited Gopala Vimsathy. Some of them 
belong to other castes even. There was even a competition and 20 children 
were given prizes of Geometry Box (Rs 100 worth). By June, if they recite 5 
stOthRAs, they will be given school note books and text books worth Rs 200.

2.	At Srirangam, opposite to Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan Ashrama, the 
students of RMS School (Primary school) are being taught Desikan SthOthrams 
and about 350 students are learning. AdiyEnís mother taught them 
adaikkalappatthu. On October 5, 2001, 20 students were given prizes for Rs 
500 worth each.

3.	At Mylapore, KaRpakavalli paatasaala, 75 children are being taught 
adaikkalappatthu, Thirucchinnamaalai, Panniruthirunaamam, mummaNikkOvai, 
VairAgya panchakam. Now Dwayacchurukku is going on. This year, for Rs 
16,000, school uniforms for these children were given away. Those who have 
learnt Desikan SthOthrams) irrespective of their castes and religion (there 
are even Christian and muslim children as reported by projectís office 
bearers) were eligible.

4.	 Thus, so far, about 450 studnets have been benefited by this Trustís 
kaimkaryam with Sri Anantha Narasimhachariar Swamin as Secretary of the 

5.	Also, SandhyAvandhanam is taught at various places in and around chennai 
as well as at Srirangam, Thiruvaheendrapuram and Singapore.

6.	The Trust wishes to sponsor students (who recite all 28 sthOthrams and 19 
prabandhams of Swamy Desikan) for MCA course. For 20 sthOthrams and 10 
prabandhams, Rs 20,000 is given for students to study higher academic 
courses; Rs 10,000 for 15 sthOthrams and 5 prabandhams;

7.	A Gold coin of 4 grams for Students who recite Padhuka sahasram.

8.	Organzie tours to Srivaishnava Divya Desams for these children, and 
lettingthem recite SthOthrams at those temple for lOkakshEmam and 
popularization of Swamy Desikaís works.

9.	Teachers who teach Swamy Desikan sthOthrams (at school) are also paid 
additional allowances through the school management. (Nine teachers received 
the allowances Rs 200 monthly; though they do not belong to our sampradayam, 
they expressed desire and interest to participate)

10.	ďambaramE thaNNeerE sORE arancheeyum..Ē Trust also organizes vasthra 
dhAnam and annadhAnam on VaikuNTA dwAdasi for Bhagawathas at Srirangam.

The above is just for your information and prayers to Divya Dampathi for the 
success of trustís future endeavors.

kavi-tArkika-simhAya kalyANa-guNa-SAline |
Srimate venkateSAya vedAntagurave namaH ||

Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Namo Narayana
aDiyEn dAsan Madhavakkannan

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