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surdas's poems: 8

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Wed Dec 26 2001 - 15:58:47 PST

radhe govinda
venkateshaya namaha

dear bhaagavatas,
happy ekadesi 2 all. :) adiyal shall comence with the  poems by surdas...


See the greatness of Krishna;
though Lord, Father and Master of the world
he willingly bears the arrogance of his close devotees
Shiva and Brahma were roaring mad
when Bhrigu kicked them,
but he gently pressed the sage's foot
when it struck his breast!'
which of the gods
can emulate him?
He befriends selflessly;

embracing his foe Ravana's brother, Vibhisana' as lovingly as his own 
brother Bharata, sending to heaven the demoness Putana

who tried to kill him'-
Such is Sura's Lord,
the selfless Giver.


The voice falters
when it sings of the deeds of the Lord
who's an ocean of mercy.
He gave guileful Putana, who posed as his mother, a
mother's reward!
He of whom the Vedas and the Upanishads sing as the Unmanifest,
let Yashoda bind him with a rope,
lamented Ugrasena's grief,
and after killing Kansa made him king
paying him obeisance, bowing low;
Freed the kings held captive by jardsandha
at which the kingly hosts sang his praises;
removing Gautama's curse
he restored life to stone-turned Ahalya:'
all in a moment he rescued Braj's ruler from the sea-monster running to his 
aid as a cow to her calf,"
he came hastening to rescue the king of the elephants;
he got Namadeva's hut thatched.
says Suradasa, O, make Hari hear my prayer.

and may our sweet kanna hear our prayers as well. :)

with lottsa krishna premai 2 all
radhe shyam
narayanaya namaha

radhe krishna!

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