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Aranganai KANa Nam PANanidam KarpOm - Post 3

From: narayankv (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 11:52:03 PST

In the Last Post we saw the significance of Thiruvarangam and how 
aazhwaars enjoyed the Bhooloka Vaikuntam through their paasurams and 
their service to emperumaan and bhaagavthaas. Let us continue our 
trip to Sri Rangam in this issue.

In Thiruvranagam emperumaan blesses all of us as Thiruvarangan 
as Moolavar and Nammperumaal or Azhagiya Manvaalan as the Uthsavar. 
This name Nammperumaal was given to uthsavar out of their immense 
love and bhakthi. One such aachaaryaa was Swamy Pillai Lokaachaaryaa 
who gave this sweet name to our emperuman as the uthsavar use to 
converse with all his bhakthaas then, like we converse with each 
other and hence the name Nammperumaal. One another aachaaryaa who 
use call emperumaan with this name was "Aazhi aazhwaan Pillai". 
There might be many aazhwars but only one aazhwaar got the 
thirunaamam "Nammaazhwaar". There might be many Jeers but only 
Nanjeer got the name "Nanjeer", similarly there might me many 
perumaals in many divys desams but only our thiruvarangan got the 
name "Nammperumaal" because the apaara kaarunyam and love that he 
showers on his bhakthaas. Even emperumaanaar enjoys emperumaan as 
"Sri Ranga Natha..!! mama Naatha.." in swamy's Gadhya Thrayam. Even 
Kaliyan in his Thirumozhi says, "Arangavaali ennaali..". The only 
emperumaan who got the experience of being sung by all the 
aazhwaars. Hence this emperumaan was called as "Padhinmar paaadiya 

We all have born as Jeevaathmaa in this bhoolokam. What is the 
reason for which we have been given this birth. We have been given 
two eyes, hands, legs and ears. Why ?. To see the Divya Sevai of 
emperumaan at thiruvarangan, to do Pushpa Kainkaryam to emperumaan 
or to raise both our hands together to say "Rakshamaam 
Sharanaagatham" and do sharanaagatham at his lotus feet, and use our 
two legs to walk to his temple wherever we are to enjoy his divya 
seavi and dance singing his praise and finally our two ears to always 
hear bhagavadh gunaanubhavams or to hear his parise from our 
aachaaryaas. Even in Mukunda Maala Swamy Kulasekhara Aazhwaar says :-

  "Krishnam lokaya lochanadhvaya , jihve keerthaya keshavam.."  

Oh..!! my eyes always see emperuman kannan, Oh..!! my tongue always 
sing the praise of emperumaan Keshavan. Like this all our aachaaryaas 
and aazhwaars have sung the praise of thiruvarangan at thiruvarangam.

Swamy thirumangai aazhwaar in his Periya Thirumozhi says 

"Neenaagam sutri, neduvarai nattu, aazh kadalai penaan 
kadaindhamudham  kondu vanda pemmaanai, poonaara maarbhanai, 
pulloorum pon malaiyai kaanakkannennum kannalla kanndaame.."

Those eyes are not conidered to be eyes when they dont see the divya 
sevai of emperumaan who helped devaas in bringing the Amrutham from 
Ksheeraabdhi by making the Koormaavathaara. The same has been told 
in Srimad Bhaagavtham by Swamy Vedavyaasar. Swamy says that those eyes
which doesn't see emperumaan at all are considered as the eyes which 
we see at the midst of feather of the peacock. Which means our eyes 
doesn't have any significance if it doesn't see emperumaan kannan's 
divya sevai. 

Even Dasaratha says to Kousalya, Hey Kousalyaa..!!, I don't know 
where you are now. Please touch me so that I can know where you 
are as my two eyes which were with me so far has gone away from me, 
the momemt my Rama went away to Dhankaarayam. My eyes are his 
Daasan. Hence the quality of a Daasan is to be along with his 
master. Its my mistake that I have been thinking them as my eyes. 
No it is not because it was Rama's daasan and hence it went along 
with him. 

Hence the use of the eyes that we all have to see the emperumaan 
at thiruvarangam. Our aazhwaars and aachaaryaas have seen 
nammperumaal as Raaman and Kannan. Nammperumaal himself says to 
emperumaanaar that he is not Kannan and he is Sri Raman itself. 
Kannan is the one who sleeps inside the sannidhi who none other 
than Periya Perumaal. Soodi kodutha sudar kodi enjoys 
Nammperumaal as Kannan and Swamy Periyaazhwaar enjoys Nammperumaal 
as Kannan.

Meendum Karipippaar Nam PaaNan..!! Will Continue..

Mama Sarvaaparaadham Kshamaswa
Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Aazhwaar Thiruvadigale Sharanam

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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