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Re: Guhanudan aivaraanOm

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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 18:21:11 PST

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>SrImathE Gopaladesika mahadesikaya namah:

Dear Sri MadhavakkaNNan :

Your posting on the uniqueness of Guhan is very
beautiful. Your description of KambhanAttzhwAr's
anubhavam is truly delightful to read. Your links to
other sources like VaalmIki RaamAyaNam enriched 
the narration . Thanks very much.

Your posting reminded me of the monograph of
Your reverd AchAryan on Srimath RaamAyaNam .
I thought awareness of this splendid monograph would be
of wide interest to BhakthAs. Hence I am writing a few
introductory words on this important monograph .


Dear BhakthAs: As many of You know , Sri MaadhavakkaNNan 
is one of the dear disciples of HH PaRavAkkOttai ANDavan 
of PoundarIkapuram Aasramam.

HH PaRavAkkOttai ANDavan's scholarship in
Srimath RaamAyaNam of VaalmIki , Kampan 
and other RaamAyaNams is legendary.

adiyEn would like to invite your attention to 
a master piece of a monograph by the name ,
" Raamanai KaRpOm " by HH PaRavAkkOttai ANDavan.
There are 709 pages of delightful presentation
of Srimath RaamAyaNam upto Sri SithA KalyANam .

The Baala KaaNDam and AyOdhyA Kaandam events are
covered with the authority befitting a great
AchAryan Known for His anushtAnam , Jn~Anam
Scholarship and VairAgyam .The many quotations are 
from VaalmIki RaamAyaNam , Kampa RaamAyanam,
AdhyAthma raamAyaNam , Aanandha RaamAyaNam , TuLasi Daas 
RaamAyaNam , AzhwAr aruLiccheyalkaLs , ThirukkuraL ,
Bhagavath Geethai ,VishNu purAnam , Paadhma PurANam,
MahA BhAratham , AchArya Sri Sookthis (Swamy Desikan , 
Sri ParAsara Bhattar ) , BhOja Champu, KaaLidAsan's 
Raghu Vamsam, Dharma Saasthrams et al. This book is
an extraordinary compilation of the story of RaamAyaNam
by a great Rasikar . The sacredness of this monograph is 
that it was written after HH PaRavAkkOttai ANDavan 
entered SanyAsAsramam. This was written at the request of 
another great VaishNavite AchAryA ,Vaikunta Vaasi 
Sri Thirupputkkuzhi Narasimha TatArya Swamy ,
the editor of the Monthly , PeraruLALan . 

This monograph was released last year as a part of 
the special releases for the celebration of the SathAbhishEkam
of HH PaRavAkkOttai Srimath ANDavan by His dear sishyAs.
Srimath RaamAyaNam's reputation as a SaraNAgathy Saasthram
is well established. Swamy Desikan has blessed us with
"Abhaya PradhAna Saasthram " to illustrate this aspect of
Srimath RaamAyaNam . HH Srimath ANDavan has brought out
beautifully this SaraNAgathy Saasthram and has written about
it in a way in which PaNDithAs and PamarAs can enjoy reading
this monograph. The monograph is priced at 200 Indian Rupees.

In addition to the divine content , there are beautiful
photo Images of Lord Ramachandran and His PirAtti ,
Lakshmana Swamy and AnjanEyar from the famous temples 
of India ( Thillai ViLAgam, ThiruvahIndhrapuram,
ThErazhunthUr ,  AyOddhi, Puthu AgrahAram and 
Punnai NallUr ).  

This monograph can be obtained from :

Sri Nrusimha PriyA office
Desika Bhavanam
27 VenkatEsa AgrahAram
Mylapore , Chennai-600 004
Phone: 044-4611540

This book is a must for all devotees of
Sri SithA SamEtha Raamachandra Para Brahmam
and should be treated as a PaarAyaNa Grantham.

NamOsthu RaamAya SalakshmaNAya
Devyai cha Tasya JanakAthmajAyai

V.SaThakOpan /SadagOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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