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surdas's poems: 5

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 14:09:58 PST

radhikaaramanam bhaje!
om namo venkatesaaya namaha!

dear bhaagavatas,
sorry 4 my break in the poems. had some net problems. but here is the 
continuation on the poems by surdas...


O mother mine, Dau (Balram)forever teases me.
you never gave birth to me,
and i was bought in the market.
this is what he tells me
o mother mihne, Dau forever teases me.
fed up of his teasing ways,
i don't go out to play.
who is your mother?
and who is your father?
again and again he says.
Yasoda's fair, so also Nanda,
how come you're so dark?
Dau provokes, the gopas laugh,
and all have such a lark.
me, mother, you want to beat,
but Dau you never even scold,
seeing the anger on Mohan's face
Yasoda's joy was untold,
listen Kanha, Balbhadra is naughty,
wicked from his birth,
you're my son, and i your mother,
i swear by mother cows worth!


Kanha, don't go so far to play,
you do not know the 'hau' is here,
i've learnt of it today.
one boy came running just now
i saw him crying away,
the 'hau' clips the ears away
of little boys astray.
come let us be up and gone
to near our place of stay,
Sur, Shyam on hearing this,
with Balaram came away.

hope u all njoyed it. :)

to b continued.

hari om

radhe krishna!

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