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From: Valuthur, Srikanth (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2001 - 10:12:35 PST

Dear learned People,

I just thought I will write a thank note for EVERYONE who helped me in in
giving numbers of priests and other things .  With all your blessings and
helps,  I did perform the seemantham function in a grand manner.  It was so
successfull that people said that after 'Washingtonllu Thirumanam' movie it
is going to be 'Saint louisil Seemantham'.  I did had struggles at every
stage right from getting the priest to getting the flowers and at every
stage god and people helped me.  I had some 30 friends(Mostly females) who
took off from work to take care of all the things that I cannot concentrate.
Everyone said that it was like being in INDIA and attending a marriage.  We
had lot of friends who wore Panchakacham and Madisar to give us company and
rest all were in dhotis and Pattu sarees.  People who are busy even to take
off during their wifes delivery,  took an hour permission on that day.  I am
truly blessed.  Saranthan Mama was great.  We did Paduka Aradhanam on that
day and we rendered thiruppavai.  I did not expect to do Backtchanams for
Seer thattu.  But our Temple Mami unexpectdly brought some 8 thattu of
different backtchanams besides the catering order that we gave it to her.
Other friends did about 13 thattu making it bigger than in india.    We felt
bad about no elders being around and one my friends parents( father had a by
pass surgery and mother is having some health complaints). Both were from
srirangam and they stayed till 12:00 Midnight on Udagasanthi day and went
home and came back up at 5:!5 yesterday.  Absolutely everyone did their best
and because of every combined effort,  We did something only a very few
could have imagined and acheived.  Even Saranthan mama was surprised and
happy to see this at my small apartment.  I was left with tears to see some
friends taking the role of our elderly people and served people the whole
day sacrificing them from seeing the function.

I am sorry to keep this email lengthy.  My basic purpose was to thank you
all who helped me in telling this priest plus giving me tips about
yamagandam.  I would have done it at the wrong time, otherwise.  Its
basically because I got this priest everything else fell into place
accordingly,  Which makes this forum the first & foremost place to thank to.

Finally we finished the whole thing with sambavani kramam.  I have to send
the kramams to Shrimad Andavan Ashramam.  We gave the perumal, Thayar
sambavani and other sambavanais to the elderly people and other bhattars.

If possible and if it is not disturbing to moderators,  I will send a couple
of photos later next week.

Thanx a Million,


Srikanth Valuthur

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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