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Iramanusa Nootrandhadhi - Velukkudi Swamy's Upanyasam (English Translation)

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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 06:24:53 PST

Volume XI :-

Volume Title :- Dhrishtaadhrishta Phalamaagiya
                Iraamaanusa Thirunaamam (Contd..)

In the last posting we saw a paasuram of Thirumangai Aazhwaar
and its meaning.

Swamy Periya Vaachaan Pillai, in his vyakyaanam for this
paasuram, says :-

"Drishtam Adhrishtamaayitru Adhrishtam Drishtamaayitru.."

Meaning :-

Drishtam   :- Those worldly pleasures being seen so far like
              gold, pearl and other gems

Adhrishtam :- The pleasure that we experience when we
              worship emperumaan

So far adiyen have been experiencing the Drishta Phalam which
is the materialistic wealth but now that I have seen
emperumaan's shoulders and his two Magara Kuzhai which gives
the Adhrishta Phalam adiyen will never turn back towards the
Drishta Phalam (Materialistic Wealth). Hence "Drishtam
Adhrishtamaayitru Adhrishtam Drishtamaayitru..".

Similarly we do not know whether we will get the Adhrishta
Phalam when we recite the Gaayathri Manthram but we will get
both Drishta and Adhrishta Phalam when we recite the
"Raamaanuja" thirunaamam. Here Drishtam (Gaayathri Manthram)
and "Adhrishtam" is emperumaanaar thirunaamam. Hence the
vyaakyaanam of Swamy Periya Vaachaan Pillai applies to this too.

Why amudanaar has composed 108 verses in this "Nootrandhaadhi" when
Gaayathri Manthram needs to be recited 1008 times ? Should not this
too have been 1008 verses?  To realize emperumaan we recite 1008
verses but to reach an aachaaryan it just requires 108. That is
because an Achaaryan understands the plight of the Jeevaathma and its
inability and never makes his life difficult in approaching the
aacharyan unlike the efforts that we take to realise emperumaan.

Swamy Nampillai in his vyaakyaanam for Kanninun Sirudhaambu says

"Naalaayiram venditru Ishwaranai ariya, padhinonru poritru
aachaaryanai ariya.."

Meaning , it required 4000 verses to realize emperumaan through
aazhwaar's 4000 paasurams but to realise aachaaryan it required only
11 paasurams of Kanninun Sirudhaambu. What a beautiful example to
make us understand the greatness of an Achaaryan..!!

Even if  we know all the 4000 verses by heart with its
meanings and vyaakyaanams, we can never be certain whether we would
get kataksham of emperumaan , whereas we can be sure of receiving
Achaarya kataaksham by simply reciting the 11 verses of Kanninun

Further, Gaayathri Manthram has restrictions as to who can recite it.
But irrespective of caste, creed or gender, or varnaashrama dharmam
anyone can recite Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi and it can give us all
that we require just as Swamy Pillai Lokam Jeeyar says "Ini En
Kurai." meaning we do not lack anything more.

"Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi" is considered equivalent to
the Gaayahtri Mantram which in turn is the essence of all the Vedaas
and which is emperumaan Himself. But it is very very difficult
to get both the drishta phalam and adhrishta phalam by chanting
Gayathri manthram. One might get the Drishta Phalam alone by chanting
this manthram but Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi which is Iraamaanusa
Thirunaamam wil give both the Drishta and Adhrishta Phalam
even when recited once on our tongue without having  to chant the
from the bottom of our hearts.

The Gaayahtri Mantram is the essence of all the Vedaas and its
essence is "Iraamaanusa Noorthrandadi" which is also known as
"Prapanna Gayathri". Since a Prapanna is the one who has totally
surrendered to Emperumaan, it is more apt to recite  "Prapanna
Gaayathri" rather than chanting the Gayathri Manthram.

How do we get both the Drishta Phalam and Adrishta Phalam when we
chant the Raamaanuja Thirunaamam ??

Let us see in this next issue .. (Contd..)


Vedic Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi Team

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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