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Iramanusa Nootrandhadhi - Velukkudi Swamy Upanyaasam (English Translation)

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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 06:03:26 PST

Volume X :

Volume Topic :- Dhrishtaadhrishta Phalamaagiya
                Iraamaanusa thirunaamam

In Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi the following
verse appears :-

"Mann misai yonigal thorum pirandhu, engall
maadhavane kannura nirkilum kaanagilla -
ulagorgalellaam annal iraamaanusan vandhu
thonriya appozhudhe, naanaru gnyanam
thalaikkondu, naaranarkaayinare"

This says that even if emperumaan appears in front of the jeevaathmaa 
they will not be able to experience emperumaan but when our great
emperumaanaar came to this earth, everyone in this world experienced 
emperumaan and became emperumaan's daasa bhoothaas. He says that
our beloved emperumaanaar has achieved what the great saints, 
aazhwaars and aachaaryas, who were here earlier could not, by way of 
making people reach emnperumaan's thiruvadi.

Amudanaar also says that we do not know whether we will get 
the  "Adhrishta Phalam" when we chant the Gaayathri Manthram 
as it is very doubtful in resulting in emperumaan's kataksham. But
when we recite emperumaanaar's thirunaamam we can be sure that we get 
not only kainkaryam at emperumaan's feet as a Adhrishta Phalam but
also the "Drishta Phalam" which is the happiness during our lifetime 
in this bhoolokam itself. Hence Swamy says that he is composing
the "Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi" with the thirunaama "Iraamaanusaa" 
appearing 108 times for the benefit of all of us.

In this thaniyan, Swamy Somayaji says "ini En Kurai Nammku.."
Since by reciting this we will get both "Drishta Phalam" 
and "Adhrishta Phalam", there is nothing else we need to achieve in 
this world. Swamy Pillai Lokam Jeeyar in his vyaakyaanam says

"ini en kurai.." - What worries do we have hencforth
                   after reciting "Iraamaanusa Nootrandhadhi"

"ini engu kurai.." - We have worries neither in
                     this world (Drishta Phalam)
                     nor after this life since we
                     will be reaching emperumaan's
                     thiruvadi as a result of emperumaanaar

Thirumangai Aazhwaar in his Thirunedunthaandagam says :-

"Ippaal Kaivalaiyaum mekalaiyum kaanen Kanden kara
magarakkuzhai irandum, naangu tholum..".

Which means :-

"So far adiyen has been seeing only the materialistic wealth, like 
gold and pearls, that was beautifying hands and body but now that I 
have seen the two magara kuzhai of emperumaan (Magara Kuzhai is a 
jewel that emperumaan wears in his ears), and His four broad 
shoulders, adiyen's eyes will see neither the materialistic wealth 
and Body nor any unwanted worldly pleasures."

Will Continue..


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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