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Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 06:56:23 PST

Pranams Sriman Madhavakannan

I enjoyed the Kalyana gunas of Sri Rama.  Thanks for
your explanations.

Can you also explain this?

Why did Sri Rama accepted Sabari's fruits whereas He
only touched but didn't eat Guhan's offerings?

I vaguely remember hearing from a discourse that
because of acharya's sambandham Lord took Sabari's

I request learned members in this list also to explain
me more on this.  

raji sridhar

> He was Lord's incarnation. dharmO vigrahavaan.
> Still, He hid the Lordship 
> qualities in Him during this avtaar. AtmAnAm
> mAnusham manyE rAmam 
> dasarathAthmajam. He called himself as just son of
> Darasaratha, a mere human 
> being.

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