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kannani ninaiththaalum sugame - post 19 & conclusion

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 00:55:19 PST

Dear SrivaishNava perunthagaiyeer,

By lifting the hill gOvardhanam, krishNa got a new name gOvindhaa, and had
his  pattaaBhishEkam. Indhran lost his garvam and learnt the important
lesson that he is only a servant and not a boss to receive all the offerings
in sacrifices [yagnams]. 

Is there any benefit to the hill gOvardhanam? Yes, says swaami dEsikan. 
Of course a well known benefit to gOvardhanam known to all is that, as long
as krishNa' name is there in this Bhoo maNdalam, gOvardhanam will be
connected with krishNa, remembered, enjoyed. The other benefit what swamy
describes is

prabhrutha dhaaraaprathipanna saithyam praapthaaram adhrim prabhu:
sudharsanaadhapi adhikaamanaiseeth pavithrathaam paaNi sarOja yOgaath!!
 - 70th slokam 7th sargam, sri yaadhava abhyudhayam.
Meaning: kaNNan lifted the gOvardhanam with his lotus hands and made it
clean and pure more than the sudharsanam, the chakra.

1.	Agni is burning everything and makes them pure. Sun also shines and
burns, thus making things pure.  So any thing once touched by agni or sun
becomes pure.

2.	Sudharsanam is lord's chakra and he also spits fire and burns the
things whenever directed to do so by the lord, make them pure.

3.	See slokam - "sphurath sahasraara sikhaathi theevram sudharsanam
Bhaaskara kOti thulyam suradhvishaam praaNavinaasi vishNO: chakram
sadhaa~ham saraNam prapadhyE!  

4.	This is the slokam at the end of sri vishNu sahasra naamam and first
slokam of sri panchaayudha sthOthram. Chakram, the sudharsana is equal to
crore sooryas- kOti Bhaaskara thulyam. 

5.	Swamy says gOvardhanam is made pure than such a sudharsanam. It is
because of the touch of the krishNa with his sarOja paaNi yOgaath - lotus
hands. Just see and enjoy the vaarthai prayOgam of "saRoja paaNi yOgaath
pavithrathaam aaseeth".

6.	krishna is "pavithraaNaam pavithram ya: mangaLaanaam cha mangaLam"
as described by bheeshmaacharyaa in his reply to yudhishtiraa's question
"kim ekam dhaivatham" in vishNu sahasra naamam. Bheeshmaa starts dhEva
dhEva: jagath praBhu:, anantha:, purushOththama: and then says pavithraaNaam
pavithram. Pure among the purest. Will such a lord's touch with his hand NOT
make the touched ones pure. That is why swamy says as above.

7.	Further as swamy desikan says in his navamaNi maalai krishNa is
"manjulaavum sOlai soozh ayinthai mannu mannu seer varai eduththu  nirai
aLiththa maasil vaasudhEvanE" - maasu in tamil is impurity - maasu + il -
maasu illaadha- means pure. Such a vaasudhEvan touches and makes the
gOvardhanam pure. Oh krishna krishna.  

Such a pure krishNa is also addressed as puRushOththaman by periyaazhvaar-
thalaippeidhu  kumuRich chalam podhimEgam chala chala pozhinthidak kaNdu
malaip perunkudaiyaal maRaiththavan madhuraimaal purudoThthaman 
4-7-6 periyaazhvaar thirumozhi
meaning: the gOvardhanam became an umbrella for the king of mathura who is
also a superior among all men when the clouds started raining making heavy
noise as chala chala.

In samskrit grammar "uththama" is also first person singular -" I" in
english grammar. So also krishNa is purusha uththama- the very first
purusha- male. 

See the beauty in tamil- 
thalai peidhu- when rain started pouring over the head
thalaippu eidhu - when rains started, it started getting prominence -
because of the strong showers every body started feeling, hey what damages
this rain will cause - so gaining importance.
thalaippu eidhu- when any thing makes headlines in the news- then it draws
attention of all concerned- similarly the rains got attention from lord - so
thalaippu eidhu.
thalaippu eidhu- even while selecting a saree, the ladies look for beautiful
pallu- thalaippu in the saree and just prepared to pay lot of money also -
saree must get the prominence just for the thalaippu- here also rain must be
given due attention by aaippaadi folks.

chalam - is jalam- water, also kabadam- cunningness, kuRRam- wrong, veRuppu-
So indhra's kapadam veruppu kuRRam all put in one single word by aazhvaar.
podhi- is podhintha, kattiya - inbuilt
madhurai maal purudOththaman - the thirumaal naaraayaNan in mathura who is
also great among men.  A beauty of a poem here.

AaNdaaL also uses this mathurai maal - pathi - mannan- words just meaning
same as father's. In her dream marriage with the lord vaaraNammayiram
paasurams in naachchiyaar thirumozhi-
madhuraiyaar mannan adi nilai thottu engum 
adhirap pugudhak kanaak kaNdEn thOzhi naan.  
There it is madhurai maal- here it is madhraiyaar mannan.

To such a krishna, a sahasra naamam from periyaazhvaar addressings of
krishna could be collected but here is an attempt as ashtOthram.
1.	[PraNavam ] maaNikkak kuRaLanE [nama:]
2.	[PraNavam ]  vaiyam aLanthaanE [nama:]
3.	[PraNavam ] ulagam aLanthaanE [nama:]
4.	[PraNavam ] thaamaraik kaNNanE [nama:]
5.	[PraNavam ] senkat karumugilE [nama:]
6.	[PraNavam ] dhEvaki singamE [nama:]
7.	[PraNavam ] thoomaNi vaNNanE [nama:]
8.	[PraNavam ] sOdhich chudar mudiyaai [nama:]
9.	[PraNavam ] sundharath thOLanE [nama:]
10.	[PraNavam ] thirumangai pOththanthaaL kOnE [nama:]

11.	[PraNavam ] kudanthaik kidanthaanE [nama:]
12.	[PraNavam ] nachchu mulai undaai [nama:]
13.	[PraNavam ] naaraayaNaa [nama:]
14.	[PraNavam ] arangaththaNaiyaanE [nama:]
15.	[PraNavam ] paramparanE [nama:]
16.	[PraNavam ] pankaya neeL ayanaththu anchana mEniyanE [nama:]
17.	[PraNavam ] kaaligaL kaappavanE [nama:]
18.	[PraNavam ] nammudai naayaganE [nama:]
19.	[PraNavam ] naanmaRaiyin poruLe [nama:]
20.	[PraNavam ] naanmuganukku orukaal thammanaiyaanavanE [nama:]

21.	[PraNavam ] pEyin nanju amudhu uNdavanE [nama:]
22.	[PraNavam ] karuniRa en kanRE [nama:]
23.	[PraNavam ] kaaya malar niravaa [nama:]
24.	[PraNavam ] karumugil pol uruvaa [nama:]
25.	[PraNavam ] kariyin kombu poriththavanE [nama:]
26.	[PraNavam ] antharaminRi azhiththaadiya thaaL iNaiyaai [nama:]
27.	[PraNavam ] thiraludai naadhanum aanavanE [nama:]
28.	[PraNavam ] mannu kuRunkudiyaai [nama:]
29.	[PraNavam ] veLLaraiyaai [nama:]
30.	[PraNavam ] sOlaimalaikarasE [nama:]

31.	[PraNavam ] kaNNapuraththamudhe [nama:]
32.	[PraNavam ] Ezhulagum udaiyaai [nama:]
33.	[PraNavam ] Elum maRaip poruLE [nama:]
34.	[PraNavam ] engal kudikku arase [nama:]
35.	[PraNavam ] annamum meenuruvum aaL ariyum kuraLum aamaiyum aanavanE
36.	[PraNavam ] aayargaL naayaganE [nama:]
37.	[PraNavam ] karunguzhal kuttanE [nama:]
38.	[PraNavam ] aazhi sangu aiyanE [nama:]
39.	[PraNavam ] veNNai uN pattik kanRE [nama:]
40.	[PraNavam ] padhmanaabhaa [nama:]

41.	[PraNavam ] viththaganE [nama:]
42.	[PraNavam ] saarngaviRkaiyanE [nama:]
43.	[PraNavam ] nEmiyangaiyanE [nama:]
44.	[PraNavam ] aayar perumanE [nama:]
45.	[PraNavam ] dhuchchOthananai azhala vizhiththaanE [nama:]
46.	[PraNavam ] karum perum kaNNane[nama:]
47.	[PraNavam ] sangam idaththaanE [nama:]
48.	[PraNavam ] minnu mudiyanE [nama:]
49.	[PraNavam ] vEnkata vaaNanE [nama:]
50.	[PraNavam ] mugil vaNNaa[nama:]

51.	[PraNavam ] eesan irak koL maNdai niraiththaanE [nama:]
52.	[PraNavam ] marvil maRuvanE [nama:]
53.	[PraNavam ] annam adhu aanaanE [nama:]
54.	[PraNavam ] arumaRai thanthaanE [nama:]
55.	[PraNavam ] aravaNaiyaai [nama:]
56.	[PraNavam ] nandhagOpan aNi siRuvaa [nama:]
57.	[PraNavam ] amarar kOvE [nama:]
58.	[PraNavam ] aayarpadikku aNi viLakkE [nama:]
59.	[PraNavam ] villipuththoor inidhu amarnthaai[nama:]
60.	[PraNavam ] azhaganE [nama:]

61.	[PraNavam ]  kaavalanE [nama:]
62.	[PraNavam ] sindhai piriyaadha naaraayaNaa [nama:]
63.	[PraNavam ] aaichchiyar uLLaththu maayavanE [nama:]
64.	[PraNavam ]  kaNNa en kaarmugilE [nama:]
65.	[PraNavam ]  thiruppEr kidantha thirunaaraNaa [nama:]
66.	[PraNavam ]  thiruveLLarai ninRai [nama:]
67.	[PraNavam ]  pillai arasE [nama:]
68.	[PraNavam ] imaiyavarkku enrum ariyaai [nama:]
69.	[PraNavam ]  inbam adhanai uyarththaai [nama:]
70.	 [PraNavam ] anchana vaNNanE [nama:]

71.	[PraNavam ] aayargaL pOrErE [nama:]
72.	[PraNavam ] aayarpaadikku aNi viLakkE [nama:] 
73.	[PraNavam ] villipuththoor inidhu amarnthaai [nama:]
74.	[PraNavam ] hrusheekEsaa [nama:]
75.	[PraNavam ]  gOvindhaa [nama:]
76.	[PraNavam ] amarar kOvE [nama:]
77.	[PraNavam ] peimulaip paal uNda piththanE [nama:]
78.	[PraNavam ] kesava nambee [nama:]
79.	[PraNavam ] sindhai piRiyaadha naaraayaNaa [nama:]
80.	[PraNavam ] eNNarkariya piraanE [nama:]

81.	[PraNavam ] ayar kozhundhE [nama:]
82.	[PraNavam ] aaichchiyar uLLaththu maayavanE [nama:]
83.	[PraNavam ] vishNuvE [nama:]
84.	[PraNavam ] thEnil iniya piRaane [nama:]
85.	[PraNavam ] thiru udaiyaaL maNavaaLaa [nama:]
86.	[PraNavam ]  vEdhap poruLE [nama:]
87.	[PraNavam ] dhaamOdharaa [nama:]
88.	[PraNavam ]  vaamana nambee [nama:]
89.	[PraNavam ]  nandhan kaaLaai [nama:]
90.	[PraNavam ] vaattamilaap pugazh vaasudhEvaa [nama:]

91.	[PraNavam ] en kuttane [nama:]
92.	[PraNavam ] en siRRayar singamE [nama:]
93.	[PraNavam ]  seethai maNaaLaa [nama:]
94.	[PraNavam ] pparkadal vaNNaa [nama:]
95.	[PraNavam ] siRu kuTTa senkaN maalE [nama:]
96.	[PraNavam ] pinnai maNaaLaa [nama:]
97.	[PraNavam ]  arambaa [nama:]
98.	[PraNavam ] poyyaa [nama:]
99.	[PraNavam ] naNNal ariya piraanE [nama:]
100.	[PraNavam ] eNNaththuL irunthu enRum thiththikkum perumaanE [nama:]

101.	[PraNavam ] thoomalaraaL maNavaaLaa [nama:]
102.	[PraNavam ] gnaanach chudarE [nama:]
103.	[PraNavam ] piLLai arasE [nama:]
104.	[PraNavam ] koiR piLLai [nama:]
105.	[PraNavam ] kOdhu kalamudaik kuttanE  [nama:]
106.	[PraNavam ] neeL thiruvEngadaththu enthaai [nama:]
107.	[PraNavam ] azhagiya nambee [nama:]
108.	[PraNavam ] thoNdargaL nenjil uRaivaai [nama:]

In case any repeat is there it is my mistake in compiling. Pardon me for

That calling of aazhvaar as "vaattamilaap pughazh vaasudhEva" is still
vibrating and lingering in the mind, making the eyes to "kaNgal pani
kaattum"-eyes to dew- even after 15 days after that drafting. KaNNani
ninaiththaalE sugam allavaa. - to think on kaNNan is comfort. So enjoy that
and continue to think krishna. 

Before concluding a meera song who says any thing every thing for me is that
giridharan and no others. 

Meera song:
MErE giridhara gOpaal dhusaraa na kOyi
JaakE sir mor mukut mEraa pathi sOye

Sanka chakra gadhaa padhma kaNtamaala sOyi
Thaatha maatha sutha na bhraatha aapnE na kOyi

Chaada dhEthana kula thamaam kyaa karEgaa kOyi
Santhana sanga bait bait lOk laaj kOyi

Ab thO baath phailgayi janE sab kOyi
Amsu anajala seench seench prEmabal baayi

Meeraa prabhu lagan lagee hOnaahO sOhOyi - mErE

Since this is a famous song with meanings available in the net, I just leave
at that and conclude this series.

Thanks for your patience in reading my posts. 

Thanks for all those bhakthaas who sent their encouraging words and
appreciation without which and krishna's grace, I would not have
accomplished this series.

KaNNani ninaiththu sugam kaNbOm. Krishna krishna 

Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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