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The First Thiru Adhyayana Uthsavm at Lord RanganAtha Temple at Pomona , NY : Dec 22-31, 2001---PART II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 05:48:31 PST


AzhwAr AchAryan Udayavar ThiruvadigaLE saraNam 

Sri RanganAtha ParabrahmaNE Nama:

Dear RasikAs of AzhwAr's dhivya prabhandhams:

There are many archival postings in the Bhakthi List
on AzhwArs, their aruLiccheyalkaLs (blessed Prabhandhams).
There are additional resources ( Home pages , Audio Tapes ,
Upanyasam summaries thru Radio Ramanuja ) are also
available regarding the Sri Sookthis of the 12 AzhwArs 
and the 108 dhivya desams that they sung about.

A search of the Bhakthi archives alone revealed that there are
904 postings on the Life of AzhwArs and their dhivya Prabhanadhams.
The content has been contributed by many devout members of the list 
such as Srimathi Kalyani Krishnamachari ( NaachiyAr Thirumozhi),
ThiruppAvai ( Srimans Mani Varadarajan , Sampath Rengarajan ,
V.Sadagopan , Koil Thirumanjanam Sundararajan et al),
Mudhal AzhwAr Thirumozhis & Sri DehaLIsa Sthuthi (V.Sadagopan),
ThiruppallANDu ( Srimans M.G. Vasudevan and T.A.Varahdan),
UpadEsa Rathna Maalai (V.Sadagopan ) , ThiruvAimozhi 
NooRRandhAthi ( evolving : V.Sadagopan ), Thiru Adhyayana Uthsavam 
series ( 26 postings of Nov-Dec ,1999 by Sri Sampath Rengarajan) ,
the entire translations of Swamy NammAzhwAr ThiruvAimozhi
Paasurams and Kaliyan's periya Thirumozhi Paasurams
by Sri MadhavakkaNNan of Srirangam and many others.

Sri Mani Varadarajan's marvellous Sri Vaishnava Home pages 
has a special section on Alwars , which has a compendium of 
articles on the 12 AzhwArs and their Prabhandhams contributed by 
himself and other scholars like Srimans Parthasarathy 
Dileepan , Koil Thirumanjanam Sundararajan , Badri Seshadri
(Siriya and Periya Thirmadals) and so many others.

Sri Venkatesh Elayavall's Vaishnava Universe has extensve
content on the commnetators of AzhwAr's Sri Sookthis 
like Sri Periya VacchAn PiLLai , Sri PiLlai Lokam Jeeyar
(rahasyArthams based on the tatthvams elaborated by 
Dhivya prabhandhams) , Sri Azhagiya MaNavALa PerumAL
NaayanAr and many other AchAryAs .  

The recently released twin audio tapes on the life and
Sri Sookthis of AzhwArs ( Srimans M.A.Alwar , Koil
Thirumanjanam Sundararajan and V.Sadagopan) contain 
a musical and narrated version of the Prabhandhams .
The significant efforts of Sri Venkat of Barain
on releasin a CD RM on the recital of the 4000
Prabndhams of the AzhwArs are helping a lot of BhakthAs.

Other home pages contianing AzhwAr's vaibhavam are :

These pages maintained by Sri B. Haresh of
Singapore and myself have special inputs on
AzhwArs as well as thier 200 plus paasurams on
the Lord of Seven Hills. The AlavandhAr/Nathamuni
home pages referred to in that home pages also
has further information on AzhwArs .

A special home page crated for the 1999 Thirunakshathram
of Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL by Sri B.Haresh and myself 
has specific additional information on AzhwAr's

Great AchAryas and Vidvans have been feasting us
in the past two years thru Tele-upanyAsams about
the greatness of individual Prabhandhams ( KaNNI NuNN
SiRutthAmpu and Thirunedum ThANDakam by HH Sriamth
Azhagiya Singar , ThiruppAvai series by HH Srirangam
Andavan , HH VaanamAmalai Jeeyar on Vibhavamum Naamum  ). 

Other AchAryAs ( Srimath PoundarIkapuram Andavan ,
HH Sri RangapriyA Swamy , HH Sri ThridhaNdi Chinna NaarAyaNa 
Jeeyar ) are blessing us with UpanyAsams that have links to
the Tatthvams elaborated by AzhwArs . Profound scholars
like Srimans BhUvaraahAcchAr Swamy , M.A.Venta Krishnan ,
VeLukkudi KrishNan , Dr.N.S.AnaantharangAcchAr Swamy and
others are helping us get insights into many of 
the fundamentals relating to Ubhya vedAntham.
We are blessed indeed at this time relatin to 
the awareness of source literature and enjoying
these Sri Sookthis of AzhwArs and AchAryAs. 

There is thus no shortage of information  on the Life
and works of our AzhwArs for the rasikAs of
Dhivya Prabhandham during this year's Thiru Adhyayana
Uthsavam .The significance of the word "Adhyayanam "
has been explored in a special article by adiyEn
( Dec 5 , 1999 on the Bhakti list ), which would be 
useful to understand the links of Tamizh MaRai to adhyayanam , 
a word linked traditionally with with Sanskritic VedAdhyayanam.
December 27, 1999 articles in the Bkti List on Swamy
NammAzhwAr Moksham (Part II and III), the uniqueness of 
Srirangam Paasurams of AzhwArs by adiyEn ( Dec 29, 30 , 1999:
postings 8779 and 8785  0n the Bkti list) would also be 
of interest in the context of the forthcoming Thiru Adhyayana
Uthsaavm at Sri RanganAthA Temple (

>From the shade of Sriranga VimAnam on the banks of Hudson River,
adiyen appeals to all BhakthAs and rasikAs of AzhwAr's
AruLiccheyalkaL to help celebrate the forthcoming 
Thiruadhyayana Uthsavam at Sri RanganAthA temple ,
Pomona , NY and join the celebrations . 

Please send your Tax deductible contributions to :
Sri Ranganatha Temple 
125 Old Route 202
Pomona , NY 10970

Please keep me copied so that adiyEn can keep
track of the raising of needed funds to cover 
all the anticipated expenses during these ten
important days of Dhanur Maasam that include
Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi ( Dec 26) and Swamy NammAzhwAr
Moksham (December 29 ).

Sri RanganAthO Jayathi,
DhAsan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri satakOpan



Sri RanganAyaki SamEtha Sri RanganAtha parabrahmaNE Nama: 
Daasan, Oppilaippan Loil VardAchAri SatakOpan 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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