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The First Thiru Adhyayana Uthsavm at Lord RanganAtha Temple at Pomona , NY : Dec 22-31, 2001---PART I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 19:43:43 PST


AzhwAr AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE saraNam 

Sri RanganAtha ParabrahmaNE Nama:

Dear RasikAs of AzhwAr's dhivya prabhandhams:

On December 22 , the First Thiru Adhyayana Uthsavam at 
the Sri RanganAtha Temple would start . Elaborate preparations
are underway.Authentic recitation of the Prabhandhams along
with special events are planned duirng this time .

We need your financial support (any amount ) for 
covering the expenses of this important festival, which 
might be attended by few hundred people on peak days like
Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi, Swamy NammAzhwAr Moksham ,
Mohini AlankAram days. Please refer to the program at 
the web site : We need
support for the coverage of travel expenses of 
the two invited AdhyApAkAs , PrasAdham distribution ,
TuLasi, Pushpam and other MaryAdhais for AzhwArs
and Dhivya Dampathis. 

I will be writing every day until Dec 21 on topics related to
Dhivya prabhandhams : Overviews , specific items et al to
keep thinking about these treasures bequeathed to us by
the 12 AzhwArs .

I am ready to give away audio tapes on Vedam , Carnatic
Music concert by famous artists of the golden days  from
my music library for those , who wish to contribute 
some funds towards the coverage of the expenses for 
the Thiru adhyayana uthsavam. Please let me know of
your interests . 

Today , I will write about a general overview for those
who might not be familiar with the AzhwAr contributions 
for our upliftment and fundamentals of anushtAnam for
VaishNavites . This is intended for youngsters , who may
not be too familiar with the sampradhAyam . Knowledgable ones
are requested to bear wiht me. Recently , I prepared some notes 
for telephone talk for the NaamA Society chapter of Detroit.
I will cover that topic;later I will plan on going to a higher
level of discussion .There are plenty of archived material in 
the Bhakthi list and intersted bhakthAs will be referred to them.

Today's topics in Q&A form are :

A. Factual Information:
1. Who are the 12 AzhwArs? Where were they born?
What amsams of Lord are they?

2. What are the 25 dhivya prabhandhams associated 
with the 12 AzhwArs and other evolved souls?

3. Where are the dhivya dEsams sung by the 12 AzhwArs?
How are these 108 dhivya desams  divided geographically?

4. What are the poses of the archa Moorthys at 
these dhivya dEsam ? How many kinds of Sayanam
are there at these Uhandhu aruLina NilankaL?

5. How many paasurams did each of these 108 dhivya dEsa 
PerumAls recieve from the 12 AzhwArs?

B. What Sources & doctrines do the AzhwAr Paasurmas relate to?

1. PrasthAna Thrayam

2. Grantha ChAthushtyam

3. Tatthva Thrayam

4. Artha Panchakam

5. What are the observances to be done by 
a Sri VaishNava and knowledge to be acquired ?

** Pancha samskAram

** Tathva Jn~Anam

** Hitham : Bhakthi or Prapathti yOgam

** PurushArtham : Moksham

** UpAya VirOdhis

6. Representative Paasurams of Individual AzhwArs

7. AzhwAr Paasurams on Lord RanganAthA

8. References: Postings on archives and
Books/Monograpphs for further study on
the AzhwAr AruLiccheyalkaLs and 108 dhivya desams.

Please do not forget Your individual support for 
Thiru Adhyayana Uthsavam and please send your 
Tax Deductible contributions to:

Sri RanganathA Temple
125 Ols Route 202
Pomona , NY 10970

Please join the Thiru Adhyayana Uthsavam
and recite the AzhwAr Paasurams and recieve
the blessings of the Srirangam Dampathis 
on this occasion. Listen to the VeeNA Ekaantha
Sevai concerts and the Nruthya samarpaNams 
on individual days.

(To Be continued )

Sri RanganAyaki SamEtha Sri RanganAtha parabrahmaNE Nama: 
Daasan, Oppilaippan Loil VardAchAri SatakOpan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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