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surdas's poems: 1

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 08:05:29 PST

radhe krishna.

dear bhaagavathas,
i'm going 2b posting more of these poems i came across. if anyone would like 
to read the book itself, it is as follows:

Krishna: the playful divine
by Pavan K Varma
publiser: Viking

now we shall go on to the poems....


Yasoda lulling Hari to sleep,
Shaking the cradle, cuddling and fondling,
Singing to Him a song.
My darling is sleepy
Why doesn't sleep come along?
Come sleep, come quickly
Kanha for you does long.
Sometimes He closes His eyes
Sometimes His lips are aflutter.
Thinking He has fallen asleep
Yasoda stops her singing.
Awake still, He's up suddenly
Enjoying Yasoda's song.
Such joy as Yasoda feels
Is unattainable to the gods.


Chuckling, Kanha came crawling,
Trying to catch His reflection
In the bejewelled courtyard of Nanda.
One moment He would stare at His shadow
Then move His hands to hold it
Chuckling in delight, two teeth showing
Again and again He would try.
Calling Nanda to come and see
Yasoda watched in joy
Then covering Sur's Lord with her aanchal (tailpieve of the sari)
She began to feed her boy.

since the poems are already translated, i don't have the original version 
(hindhi/sanskrit), sorry.

ok,i'll sign off here.
take care of urselfs. :)

radhe krishna!

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