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A day in the sannidhi of Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan (sent by Sri CG Balaji)
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 16:17:19 PST

Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 15:29:31 +0530
From: Balaji CG <>
Subject: A day in the sannidhi of Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan

Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Sharanam !!!

Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan Ashramam at Srirangam is known for its
austerity and is extolled as a place where Kali has not yet set in.
Glorified by an illustrious acharya paramparai, the high seat is at present
being held by H.H Paravakottai Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan Srimad Gopala
Deshika Maha Deshikan.

Prakrutam Swamy is veritably held as Abhinava Vasishta, having known for
strictest conformance to anushtanam. His precincts of knowledge is
and he beams resplendently as the central gem amongst all the acharya
sarvabhoumars of present day.

Old age has not made him compromise with his anushtanam even to the
slightest extent. The very fact that he begins his day in Brahma muhurtham
stands as testimony to this. After snana and prathassandhya Swamy steps
the sannidhi. Saligrama Aradhanam then begins. By this time all the Veda
parayana and Ramayana parayana goshti have assembled. Swamy makes it a
to ensure that Veda parayanam and Srimad Ramayana parayanam is conducted at
the ashramam everyday during the time of Thiruvaradhanam. Apart from this
special Achchidra and Kaataka parayanams are conducted every Ekadashi and
Dwadashi respectively.

The shaRRumuRai goshti cocludes by 9.00 am. Soon after this Swamy leaves
sannidhi and joins his disciples waiting for the kalakshepam to begin. Many
ardent disciples are performing Sribhashyam kalakshepam at Swamy's feet.
kalakshepam goes on till about 10:30. Swamy spends around 30 minutes
blessing pupils who have come to the ashramam. On the days Swamy has to
perform samashrayanam or bharanyasam, Swamy does not conduct kalakshepams,

After this the goshti disperses while Swamy leaves for his maadhyahnika
anushtanam. He finishes his anushtanam by about 1pm. At about 1:30 or so
Swamy accepts bhikshai that goes on till about 2pm. After having taken a
light rest, by 4pm Swamy is engaged in writing on sampradaya and furthering
the teachings of yore. By around 5:30pm Swamy leaves for his saayam sandhya

Meanwhile by around 6:00 the ashramam is beautifully decorated with lamps
this is the month of Kartigai. Around this time one can see bhagavathas
performing their evening anushtanams amidst the fragrance of sambrani and
agarbaththi. By around 7:00 pm, Swamy comes and seats himself in front of
the sannidhi. He is joined by a group of shishyas and together they recite
Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lakshmi stotrams and Lakshmi ashtottaram. This
is one of those times when one might experience a spiritual transcendence.

After this Swamy accepts his evening phalaahaaram and then retires to his
chamber to continue writing again that goes on till 10:30 pm in the night.
Inspite of such inclement weather, Swamy still prefers to sleep on a wooden
bench, without caring for his age or physical health.

Swamy's book Ramapiraanai karpom -1- - Sitakalyanam is a masterpiece of
rarest quality. Shishyas and abhimanis who have not acquired this treasure
yet are sincerely advised to do so immediately.

The second one in this series will be Ramapiraanai Karpom -2- - Paduka
pattabhishekam (in the printing process).

His tapes on Yatiraja saptati, Gopala vimshati are totally beyond
description. If you have not yet acquired them, please do so immediately.
(Frankly speaking it is his Yatiraja Saptati that took adiyEn so close to

He is always in full enthusiasm to publish more books on sampradayam and
encourages it with all his might. He maintains strictest conformance to
shastra and ordained duties. His first question to every dvija is "Do you
poerform sandhyavandanam?" He has tirelessly worked for the betterment of
sampradayam for nearly twenty years now, after he took to the acharya

His twentieth year of accession will be celebrated in March and his
thirunakshatram which also falls in the same month.
Make your leave plans to participate in these utsavams :-)

Vairagyam in him stands personified
KaaruNyam in him stands exemplified
Jnanam in him stands glorified
Beseech we the feet of Gopala Deshika the austere

Srimate Gopala Deshika Maha Deshikaaya namaha
vAzhi vtAkhyAmuddirak kai !!!
vedAntasUri charaNau sharaNam prapadye !!!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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