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surdas's poems

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 15:51:08 PST

NarAyanAya Namaha!

dear bhaktas/tais,
adiyal came across a poem by Surdas. i reallly njoyed the rasam in it and i 
would like u all 2 njoy it as well. (nan petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam.-- 
hope i said it correctly)

here it is:-

The mother says 'Dance!
Krishna, dance and I'll give you butter!'
His tiny feet pound and stamp uponthe earth,
His ankle bells ring;
Sur sings the praises of His name,
earth and heaven resound with His fame,
but the Lord of the Three Worlds,
dances for His butter.

another one is:-

He whose glances frighten Time itself
Him his mother threatens with a stick.
He, the fear of whom drives wind and water,
sun and moon,
He moves at the threat of a little stick.
which form pervades earth and sea,
yet is not to be found in the Vedas
that form you cause to dance at a snap of your fingers,
here in your own very yard.
He who bore the mountain and the Tortoise,
the gods and the demons and the snake,
with never a moment's fear
He falls from the weight of his bracelets,
stands only with the gopi's helping hands.

hope u njoyed it as much as i did. :)
i shall try 2 get some more poems.

if anyone knows where i can get more poems by Surdas (in English), i'd be 
very grateful. :)


radhe govinda!

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